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At this page I want to collect information about my views how the Wikimedia Foundation should be organized from my point of view. This is a collection of general thoughts and it is especially during the fundraising period interesting. I dont like firing people. So this is a long term idea how it could perform and so the changes will take time and I am not sure if there is enough support for that ideas as they could be introduced. It is important that there is no bad impact for people.


From my point of view the amout of donations per year should be reduced and at least no increase in the donation goals. The Wikimedia Projects are from my point of view very well funded and when I talk to people and when I tell them the revenue of the Wikimedia Foundation, they wonder about that. Especially I would stop paying external contractors like Trilogy in the area of Fundraising and reduce the advertisement for making donations. Showing the banner only once and that only in a very short distance of time, like five days or something like that is my prefered solution for Fundraising. Or as an alternative only at the Website of the Wikimedia Foundation. The amount will be much lower as at the monemt but I think it is enough for the important parts that are really needed and until that time ideally it is possible to fund the Wikimedia Foundation out of the investments.

General Administration[edit]

In that area I would include Finance, HR, Analytics and Internal IT. From that area I do not hear a lot from the persons working there and have not received responses and I think there a person who communicates with the community and answers questions soon is important. I also wish enough staff that the Form 990 is published recently after the end of the fiscal year. For that a internal review of the processes and the documentation of the processes is needed. This offers the chance to think about how more transparency in how the Wikimedia Foundation works also for externals could be offered. Regarding the use of Software I prefer where possible a free software that is also good in case of privacy and does not track the user. I wish here much more discussions about what currently used software could be replaced by a free one. Regarding HR I think the Wikimedia Foundation should think about if it is possible to give people who work in other countries a job at a local chapter and the Wikimedia Foundation pays the salaries and the additional costs for the person. Regarding the compnensation I think the Wikimedia Foundation should no longer hire in areas with high compensations like the area around San Francisco. At a non-profit organization there is a high responsibilty to pay people not so much money. A goal could be to reduce the costs per Full Time Equivalent to amount of not more than 80,000 Dollars. Treat the emploeyees well and try to have long relationship with them. I also suggest to employ more people in Africa and in the Middle East and also in other regions with a high unemployment rate. I think better pay more people instead of few people a lot of money. This helps let the goals of the general declaration of Human Rights become real.