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On this page you can see all my user scripts. The scripts are mainly for vandal fighters and SWMT members, but can be useful for everyone. All scripts have been tested in recent versions of both Internet Explorer and Firefox using Vector and Monobook.

If you found a bug in one of the tools or if you have a feature request just put it on to the talk page :)

User scripts[edit]

Smart rollback provides several useful functions for rollback (custom edit summary, mark as bot edits and mass reverts). All these functions can be accessed from a small movable window.
Active sysops shows the number of active (one log entry in the last 7 days, or as configured) administrators (up to seven or as configured, to save resources).
Gives some useful links on user, user talk and user contribution pages (eg. SUL, Editcounter or Whois) (Differs users from IPs).
This tool can tag pages with a few clicks (which is much faster than editing the whole page per Hand). Per default it is able to tag page for speedy deletion using {{delete}}, but it can be customized to use up to every template.
Sledge Hammer is a tool very similar to the Nuke extension, but with more features. In difference to the Nuke extension it allows you to filter pages by namespace and to search pages in different time spans.
Scripts without documentation
This tool shows a link to the "Wikipedia article traffic statistics" ( on every article
This tool can tell whether local bureaucrats can remove the sysop flag or not

Global settings[edit]

Because I use a shared script (functions.js) for many functions there are some things that can be configured globally. (This will affect all my scripts).
Just append this to your JS file.

To have the link to the tools at another place
if(typeof(hoofrConfig) == 'undefined') hoofrConfig = {};
hoofrConfig.toolLinkMethod = 'FOO';
Can take all values which are possible in addPortletLink and "toolbar" (the default)
To use another css file than tool.css
if(typeof(hoofrConfig) == 'undefined') hoofrConfig = {};
hoofrConfig.globalCssUrl = '';