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IWPCHI - The Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Based in Chicago, IL, USA: The "most completely corrupt city" in the United States. Creating a Trotskyist workers party to organize the working class to overthrow capitalism worldwide and replace it with a global federation of socialist workers republics based on a scientifically planned world economy. We seek to eliminate racism, war, poverty, hunger and all forms of needless human suffering and environmental destruction from this planet and create the global co-operation necessary for human civilization to survive the nuclear age and expand throughout our area of the Milky Way. Stick with capitalism and we'll probably not survive the rapidly approaching WWIII. Being daily users of Wikipedia, we'll try to repair problems we encounter on the site (dead links, for example) and wherever possible to add content that enhances the usefulness of the website. Workers of the World, Unite! --IWPCHI (talk) 22:43, 20 February 2014 (UTC)