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Another one Wiki philosophy project. It is related to multilingualism. I seek for people who share this point of view and willing to promote it.

What is Wikipedia[edit]

It is means of inter-cultural communication, first of all, of inter-lingual communication. Carefully made interwikis have its own value, regardless of are different sections' structure similar or not. Interwikis shows us differencies and connections between languages. They help us to realize a structure of thinking. (I'm not a linguist — theoretical base should be added like en:Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.)

The tasks[edit]

  • Creating interwikis in all new articles, if some alien version already exists.
  • Adding interwikis to articles which lack them — all or some part.
  • Removing or correcting inappropriate interwikis.
  • Making articles, even very stubbish, which could improve an interwiki structure (e.g. pointing to some articles and "catching" interwikis from alien languages).
  • Probably, theoretical semantical researches on the Wikipedia base.

What is not a task[edit]

  • Translation of whole articles.
  • Enforcing an average NPOV.


interwikism probably is the shortest appropriate, closely related to "interwiki" word. May be also interwikipedism or interwikipedianism, but the latter is too long.

Incnis Mrsi 14:55, 23 May 2006 (UTC)