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please contact me with any questions at, search for the page user:Qrc2006 and leave me a message if you want to help translating the main page, and interface, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help. Or write an article, 5 or 6 sentances on something, anything. in either syllabics or roman letters, i can transcribe them to the other. dont worry if you dont know exactly what do to. for instcance there is no article on "carpet" or "car" or "sea" or "gun" just type that word in in inuktitit and click create article when it says no article with that title found or somthing to that effect and click on "create article" in the text, then simply type some stuff in and click save. thats it! write one, write twom write ten, tell your friends! just make sure its in your own words. 06:32, 23 February 2007 (UTC)