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Volunteer Editor, Wikimedia Projects
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About me

Ismael ZNIBER is a Moroccan volunteer editor on Wikipedia. Ismael is a history lover interested in politics and a budding poet. He considers himself as a fossil, a bulimic of knowledge and a citizen of the world. He's also an editor on the think tank and a chronicler on the moroccan cultural magazine Artisthick. He's a member of several associations including CAPDEMA (Cap Démocratie Maroc).

Great Mosque of Mahdia, Tunisia

Ismael joined Wikimedia Projects in 2012, his primary motivation was to enrich Wikipedia which is still very lacunar about the heritage of Morocco. He wrote several articles on Wikipedia in french linked to moroccan history mainly, but also about various subjects such as monuments in UK and Spain, diverse historical events and figures, etc.

Ismael with Lila Tretikov at WikiArabia 2015 in Tunisia

In april 2014, Ismael was mentionned by the article «Web. Le Maroc selon Wikipédia», published by the weekly moroccan magazine TelQuel, wich talked about his contributions to the encyclopedia.

In april 2015, Ismael is invited to participate in the Wikimedia Arab World meeting WikiArabia Monastir in Tunisia. With Anass Sedrati and Reda Benkhadra, his is among the founding members of the Wikimedia MA User Group in september 2015.

In january 2016, the Huffington Post publishes a portrait of Ismael on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia in which he tells how he discovered the encyclopedia and how he wrote his first article.

On February 14, 2016, a TV report broadcast on the national Moroccan channel 2M, is dedicated to his work on Wikipedia.

In october 2017, he took part in the WikiConcention Francophone 2017 in Strasbourg, where he represented Morocco.

My work

Ismael is active on a number of other Wikimedia projects, which means that he has multiple user pages. The main ones are:

Ismael (in the middle) at the Regency in Monastir

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