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Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing.
— Jimmy Wales.

Hi there! I'm James from Melbourne, Australia. I have been editing wikis in some shape or form since 2005, so have a plethora of experience. These wikis range a variety of topics, from gaming to travel, and I have administered many of them. My interests are wide and varied, but include politics, international relations, history, psychology and travel.

On Meta-Wiki, my edits will be few and far between. Though I will occasionally read and contribute to a discussion, especially about new Wikimedia projects or features. I plan to join the Wikimedia Australia chapter.


I edit the following Wikimedia wikis to some extent.


I originally joined the community when it was Wikitravel, and continued editing after the move to Wikimedia servers. My edits here are often organisational, but I will also add content using internet sources such as Wikipedia and other travel sites. I am working on improving the Bangladesh and Melbourne articles to Star status, the highest measurement of quality for a travel guide. I contribute significantly to policy and feature development discussions, which are frequent on this wiki which has huge potential. There's an exciting and prosperous future for this project.


The first Wikimedia site I edited. I often edit topics relating to geography, but also contribute political and historical information relating to Victoria, Australia. Otherwise, I often just fix errors that I come across in my day-to-day browsing.

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

I contribute a range of photos and media to Commons. I will take photographs around Melbourne using my own camera, usually with the purpose of adding them to a Wikipedia article. I will also create maps for Wikivoyage, as well as sourcing useful, freely-licensed photos off the web for use in travel guides. Occasionally I will contact photographers with a request to use some of their high-quality images.


I find Wikidata to be a fresh, exciting new project that has the potential to affect a lot of other wikis and websites. When editing, I will just use the semi-automatic tools to add interwikis, titles and descriptions to items. I am collaborating with other editors at Wikivoyage to enable hotel/restaurant/attraction listings to be added to Wikidata, along with their practical information (addresses, phone numbers, websites, etc). These items can then be shared among all languages for unified travel information.


Adding interwiki links to Wikipedia is my primary task here, along with adding free photos from Commons and the web.


I am working on the opportunity of creating a new 'travel news' category which can then be transcluded onto the Wikivoyage Main Page.