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Gadget is discontinued.

External articles is a gadget to add identifiers to the item that references external articles. The external articles are at a few lexicons operated by w:no:Foreningen Store norske leksikon. There are four lexicons, using individual properties. A Norwegian help page can be found at w:no:Bruker:Jeblad/Eksterne artikler.

The purpose of this gadget is to be a functional demo of how to find and match external articles. It is the result of a prolonged spike, and it is somewhat bogus. It lacks a whole lot of refactoring..

There are two pages

Enabling the gadget from a remote site is by adding the following script to your common (local wiki) or global (on meta) js-page.

Please keep the tracking line, it makes it possible to check if this gadget should be made globally available.

// Tracking [[User:Jeblad/external-articles]]
mw.loader.load( '//' );
mw.loader.load( '//', 'text/css' );

It can be a good idea to add the loader script to a local gadget, thereby making it easy for all users on the project to enable the functionality.

The active version under development can be found at

The individual dev versions can be found at

A source for biographies can be found at w:no:Wikipedia:Lemmaliste Norsk biografisk leksikon/1750.


Identifiers in use

Planned use