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Hi, I'm Jeff Rzeszotarski, a fifth year PhD student in the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in en:pittsburgh:Pittsburgh, PA.

I am interested in collaborative information seeking, building, structuring, and modeling. This means I'll be doing some investigation on Wikipedia. Stay tuned here for current work and more.

I currently have two mains threads of Wikipedia research going:

I have been investigating reverts on Wikipedia, and the text and behaviors that underscore such action. I've sampled a diverse set of articles, including Chocolate, Hummus, Liancourt Rocks, and Pluto among many others to try and teach a classifier to pick out edits that will likely be reverted. Topic modeling, visualizations, and so forth will be up next, and also surveys and conversations with Wikipedia editors.

I'm also developing editing interfaces for Wikipedia that are intended to help newcomers and experienced editors. My goal is to provide more historical and discussion information about articles to editors that is aware of where they are editing. With any luck, such an interface will avoid the overload of the traditional talk and history pages. Expect a testable version later this summer.

If you're more interested in me, check out my home page.