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I became a Wikipedia editor as of '03 Sep 05, at that point of meta-Wikipedia only.

I had Googled in a few months earlier, trying to find out the name of Athena's sword. (She carries a spear, apparently unnamed, in addition to her shield Aegis; sorry about that.) Nothing surprising about those i falsely assumed to be Wiccans being interested in classical mythology.

My next Wikipedia hit was on "List of Mountains", which included the name that i couldn't remember of some continent's highest mountain. "Huh. I guess mountains are 'places of power'". But i was surprised that Wiccans would find such a extensive list worth posting.

My third visit was to an article that made me say "Wait a minute; this only belongs in general purpose encyclopedias; what's going on here?" and look at the home page etc. And i'm excited by what i see. (I've got a to-do list already of mostly minor edits.)

After passing the 18-month mark, i'm an admin on en: and a fairly busy editor.

w:User talk:Jerzy is a much better place to reach me than my meta talk page.

Note to non-native speakers of English: I got stuck in my brain, years ago, the idea that there's something wrong about modern English singling out the first-person singular pronoun to be spelled with a capital letter. So i spell it without the capital, except at the beginning of a sentence, or when i'm not the sole author. If you follow my example, native speakers will just figure you're ignorant of the basics.