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Burg Hohenzollern ak.jpg
Greetings, I am J.M., otherwise known on Wikimedia as "The Kensington Blonde". I am glad to see that you have decided to visit my user page. This page is currently under construction, but I will tell you a little bit about myself and my interests in the meantime. I am a University student, pre-med, to be exact, with aspirations to become a plastic surgeon, and later, a politician. My claim to uniqueness is being the only person besides my mother, who has both the mind of a Social Democrat and the cultural conditioning of an Aristocrat. My interests, both within the English Wikipedia and in real life include music, politics, health and exercise, and travel. My primary concerns regarding Wiki policy include:

Ensuring that NPOV be properly maintained

Ensuring that disruptive users are adequately blocked without expense to legitimate users

Establishing a higher standard for Administrators to conform to

Establishing a higher standard for cited articles to conform to

Ensuring that this wonderful project lasts a lifetime

These, in a nutshell, are issues I plan to take part in regarding policy, with special attention to the largest branch of the Wikimedia project, the English Wikipedia. Thank you for looking, and I hope to expand this page very soon!

Please see en:User:KensingtonBlonde, and my userpages at the Swedish, Spanish, and German Wikipedias!