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User:Kevin Gorman

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I'm Kevin Gorman. I used to be user:kgorman-ucb, but I had myself renamed for clarity because I no longer use my account primarily for edits related to my classwork. I have an alternate account, User:Kevin (WMF) that I used when I was an (unpaid) communications intern for the Wikimedia Foundation.

I am the regional ambassador for the US Education Program in California/Hawaii, although I focus almost entirely on education-related stuff at UC Berkeley since that's where I myself am - with more to come soon, hopefully. I'm also one of the co-moderators on gendergap-l, the WMF's list that deals with issues related to our gendergap. I'm also involved in real world outreach about issues related to our gender and other demographic gaps. I am exceptionally interested in finding ways to mitigate the negative effects that the Wikimedia movement's demographic gaps cause on our content.

I have also previously done contract work or the Wikimedia Foundation - specifically, I was contracted to write a retrospective of the WMF grants program covering the time period from it's inaugural year till fiscal year 2011-2012. It will be release shortly after this userpage update, posted at Grants:Retrospective 2009-2012.

I'm primarily an en.wiki editor. For more information about me, see my userpage there, en:User:Kevin Gorman.