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This is my wikipedia account, just loaded it up, I have an IQ of 187, and have a light touch of the asperger's syndrome (thank god that I only got a little bit of it). I also am a Gamer, and I am identifiable by my trademark 621 (very fun number to play around with). I recommend that the other, older contributors of repute make sure What I edit is up to all legal policy.


This is sort of my personal bio,I was born in 2004, at balboa hospital, and Both of my parents are in the navy (it was 'fun' when both deployed within 5 days of each other as the Navy's birthday present to me at the age of 14, My father was in Fire-control (weapon systems, not firefighting), and was on the LCS-1 Freedom, Fort Worth,and the Detroit, I have a step-mom, and 2 sisters, and my life to be summed up has been pretty much up and down, while my struggles may have momentarily caused me pain, they have made me who I am, and so have my successes. I am an aspiring author, and editing here, will help me with that, so that is one of my many motivations and goals that led me to editing here, While I may be christian, and very strong willed in that, I will make sure that that does not influence my edits, and that I remain free of bias while editing. I also was raised in a very liberal family, and am a moderate (another factor that led me to this, as I learned of the need to cross-check EVERYTHING, whether you agree with it or not. I am a gamer, and play several online games (mainly one at a time) and this also is behind my username. I love taking care of my basil plant and sorting through arguements and finding middle ground or otherwise mediating, I abhor aggressive violence (I support only fighting in self defense, or defense of others), and find it difficult to ignore the pain and suffering of others. I can be anywhere from humble to arrogantly self-confident, and often will catch myself in the midst of such arrogance (my own) and abruptly become far humbler, (this leads to people sometimes being confused in a conversation). I also, in addition to my autism/aspergers, I was labeled as severely ADHD, which is something that can be quite suprising to learn if you meet me in person. I also love music and am a DM for dungeons & dragons (5th & 4th editions), in which, I often devise epic fight scenes and dramatic moments, as well as the "occasional" player kill.

He also needs to do something productive other than find random userboxs or comment on random talk pages, that way, everyone won't have to yell at him for it XD Kiri621x (talk) 19:41, 2 March 2021 (UTC) {{Wikipedia:Trading card game/Userbox}}