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I mostly write articles and make diagrams. I'm from Altes Land, Lower Saxony.


  • Delete outdated bullshit articles automatically – they deteriorate the quality overall
  • Teach <graph> – it's a shame how sparsely it's used
  • Massively disseminate knowledge about Inkscape/SVG, JavaScript, Lua and semiautomatic Wikidata editing. Experts on these topics are bottlenecks. Make people to creators, not consumers!
  • Better solution for updating the vast number of tables in Wikipedia is needed (CSV export, compare tool, ...)
  • Pay someone who creates free, multilingual school material from SVG schemes on Commons. Just talking about OER is not enough.
  • Quickly introduce a Wikidata-based successor to Commons categories before the backlog of un- and miscategorized pictures gets too huge
  • Introduce Chemical Markup support for Wikimedia Commons (or CDK Depict)
  • Wikimedia Maps is very uninformative: OpenTopoMap is much better!



If you would like to import a dataset to Wikidata: Feel free to ask me for help.

Unused properties


Many properties were created, but not used. In the moment 760 properties are used < 30 times.

Data quality


There are tons of

  • unsourced statements
  • wrong Wikimedia list article (Q13406463) statements
  • websites which are not existing anymore set as official website
  • image statementPs, which are not showing the topic of the item
  • image statements at abstract things or lists, which naturally can't have a picture
  • statements at the wrong place (chemical structure doesn't go to image (P18), social media link doesn't go to official website (P856))

Where is the sense for quality?


As of 17 November 2016
en[1] de fr ru
Chemists 7032 5833 1632 2246
Biologists 23714 9948 9640 7078
Physicists <<21634 5530 2963 4145
Geologists 3628 1955 1144 1520
Power plants 4763 2068 / /
Pesticides[2] 320+ 550+ 258+ 113+
  1. Because of PetScan timeouts I had to transfer the categories to Pagepiles and then intersect it with P31:Q5
  2. (claim[31:178266] OR claim[31:193237] OR claim[31:181322]) AND link[**wiki]