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Commons Upload Patrol (or CUP) was a system that provided upload patrolling functionality to Wikimedia Commons. It was hosted on Toolserver and had a "Recent uploads" page that could be sorted by time and viewed either chronological (oldest first) or reverse-chronological (newest first). For patrollers, it offered the ability to see the current patrol status, and mark an upload as patrolled with a single click.


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How to clear cache

Note: After publishing, you may have to bypass your browser's cache to see the changes.

  • Firefox / Safari: Hold Shift while clicking Reload, or press either Ctrl-F5 or Ctrl-R (⌘-R on a Mac)
  • Google Chrome: Press Ctrl-Shift-R (⌘-Shift-R on a Mac)
  • Internet Explorer / Edge: Hold Ctrl while clicking Refresh, or press Ctrl-F5
  • Opera: Press Ctrl-F5.
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Getting started[edit]

Anybody can view the tool's main page with the list of uploads and can use the filter options From:, Untill: and Reversed. However, you need to be logged in to see the patrol status of uploads on both the tool page and File-description pages, to mark an upload as patrolled, and more. Authentication is done through TUSC. Access is allowed to anyone who has the 'patrol' right on Wikimedia Commons (user group: administrators or patrollers). You can request the patroller right here.

Once you have the patroller right, and your account on Wikimedia Commons is confirmed with TUSC, you may login on CUP here. Don't forget to put the JavaScript-snippet in your vector.js or monobook.js.

Once you are logged in, you can visit any File-page and the Patrolstatus box should show up on the top right indicating the current status and/or allowing you to patrol it.

If you're not sure where or how to start patrolling, visit the Recent uploads patrol-page on Commons. Once you are on that page, click on any of the CUP-permalinks below each day-section. Those links take you to the CUP-tool showing only uploads during that time frame and will hide any patrolled uploads as well. Eventually, the list will be empty and ay "No more unpatrolled uploads in this timeframe" - this means that portion is now done and you can move on with another one.


Recent uploads[edit]

In the sidebar next to Recent changes is a link added for Recent uploads. This takes you to an overview of recent uploads sorted by date. This list can be filtered, sorted and timeframed. Example with all settings used: All unpatrolled uploads between 3 and 4 AM on October 18 in chronological order from old to new.


The recent uploads module takes url paremeters from and untill as a 14-digit timestamp (YYYYMMDDHHIISS). Shorter is allowed, and will be zeropadded to the right to fill up to 14 digets. (ie. from=2010110304&reverse=on will show uploads starting from 4:00 AM on November 3, 2010). At any time you can click, copy, bookmark or share the "Permalink to this page" link that will represent the current settings. Logged in patrollers can also filter out patrolled uploads

» uploads between 16:10 and 16:20 on November 2, 2010
» unpatrolled uploads between 16:10 and 16:20 on November 2, 2010


Patrolled by Krinkle on 17:00, 2 October 2010 next »
 next »CUP Autopatrolled
This upload is autopatrolled.

When you view a filepage of an upload, a box line one on the right here appears on the top right of the page. If the upload is patrolled it tells when and by whom the upload was patrolled, otherwise it's a link to mark the upload as patrolled. Alternatively it might show a short message saying the upload is autopatrolled (such as uploads by bots, sysops, autopatrollers, patrollers, Image-reviewers etc.)

The little " next »"-links redirect you to the file page of the oldest unexpired unpatrolled patrollable upload. The " skiip »"-links add the current upload id to a memory that will be checked whenever you click "next »". This can be handy whenever you encouter something you'd like to skip, however with only "next" you'd get the same one over and over again, with "skip" you can store a large amount of upload-ids in the session memory so that whenever you click "next" it will pick the oldest unpatrolled patrollable upload, that is not any of those that you have added to the skip-memory.

Editnotice and FixFile script[edit]

On filepages the editlink will be extended with an editnotice. Once clicked the editnotice will show. The static content of the editnotice is located at commons:User:Krinkle/FixFileEditnotice. Several parts of the messages are enhanced and added by the script. One of the added enhancements is as a button to automatically perform several fixes such as replacing headings with their localized versions ({{int:filedesc}} etc.)


If a certain user has uploaded many similar images that all need the seem 'treatment', you can enter the username in the Userfilter to only show uploads of that user. Together the "Hide patrolled uploads" and the "arrow buttons" on the bottom right of the Shadowbox this can be used to go through a series of images and edit them all the same way in a row without being interrupted by other images and without seeing the same image twice.

If a certain user uploaded many similar images that are all good to be patrolled, you can do the above in combination with MassPatrol to patrol all the uploads currently on the page with the push of a button. If a user seems experienced enough in general and not just for a series of image that are 'good', you may want to consider requesting the user to be autopatrolled. Beware though that this also affects edit patrol and new page patrol, so the user should be fairly experienced and not need patrolling of any kind.


MassPatrol will mark all the uploads currently on the page as patrolled. To avoid unrevertable mistakes and abuse this option is only available if atleast 1 filter is applied (currenltly: Userfilter).


To enable one or more of these options, copy the line to your vector.js *before* the importScriptURI-call.

Mark FixFile-actions as minor edits
window.CUP_Option_FixFileMinorEdit = true;
Suppress the confirmation dialog when patrolling uploads
window.CUP_Option_SkipConfirm = true;


2010-11-29 - 0.2.7
2010-11-27 - 0.2.6
  • Added an auto-save version as well for those who are confident enough and don't want to see the Diff-first after Auto-Fixing.
2010-11-26 - 0.2.5
  • Auto-Fix option is available on any File-edit page, not just in the initial FixFileEditnotice
2010-11-19 - 0.2.4
  • Figured out a way to filter out deleted files from the recent changes. Deleted images are no longer patrollable and will be skipped.
2010-11-18 - 0.2.3
  • Added Userfilter + MassPatrol.
2010-11-16 - 0.2.2
  • Added an arrow-button to the bottom-right of the Shadow box so you can go to the next item in the list. When patrolling from the 'Oldest unpatrolled upload' or when not on the Tool-page but on a File-page directly, the "next" button in the Patrolstatus box can be used. However when working on a Time-frame this "arrow-button" can come in handy as it will only limit itself to the current timeframe.
2010-11-12 - 0.2.1
  • Added a "next" button to the Patrolstatus box.
  • No longer limited to log_action 'upload', any other actions under log_type 'upload' (such as log_action 'overwrite' (reupload)) can now be patrolled as well
2010-11-06 - 0.2.0
  • Opened for the public, access through TUSC for Commons-verified accounts with the 'patrol' right ('sysop' and 'patroller')
  • Patrolled uploads could already be hidden, aside from this uploads by autopatrolled users are always hidden (users with the 'autopatrolled' right: 'bot', 'sysop', 'bureaucrat', 'patroller', 'autopatrolled', 'OTRS-member' and 'Image-reviewer')
  • Shadowbox to open-up pages right on the page and go back to the list.
  • Ability to cut out a timeframe or limit just the Start or the End of the list is added.
2010‑11‑02 ‑ 0.0.1
  • Initial version

Source code[edit]