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Before you ask, there is water on Mars.
  1. Lions are smarter than most let you believe. But some (like me) are actually only 1/9999999ths of most 2-second-old lions' intelligence - for their whole life. I still know lots of stuff, so a normal lion must know everything, surely?
  2. I like programing and use the free Godot game engine.
  3. I am a lion (in other words, I'm not a robot or a human).[1]
  4. I also also enjoy reading books and playing video games.
  5. I exist[citation needed]. Yes, I know this must sound pretty surprising, but it's true[citation needed].
  6. I think that sarcasm really does calm down everybody.
  7. i have noidea how Too wright I haf Teribel gramar and speling[2]
  8. I love a good piece of entert joke! But I always revert it. There needs to be a wiki of jokes out there.
  9. The Godot game engine is the best game engine out there.
  10. Not enough people can write wikitext! This is bad!
  11. I love peanuts! And peanut butter. And crunchy (with bits) peanut butter! The more crunchy, the better!
  12. The more meat on my pizza, the better! Mushrooms, too!
  13. I love a good chicken corma. I love it more if it's spicy!
  14. I HATE laggy games! I hate them more when they take advantage of the lag!
  15. I have totally taken copyright control over this quote: "Can't use java script". Trust me! It's true!
  16. No Man's Sky is fun and addictive. For a 25 minute download, there is a LOT to do. Games close to being this entertaining have at least an hour download. And, unlike Minecraft, No Man's Sky uses more realistic graphics. Ignore the green "7" on the box: if minecraft, starwars, grand theft auto (never played that myself, but I know you can get "wanted", be a criminal, ect. in both games) interest you, no matter your age, you are 99% guaranteed to like the game. Just make sure you are able to beat Minecraft, since No Man's Sky is quite hard at times! Even though I wrote this on the third day of playing!
  17. Im likely glucose intolerant, so please don't start eating cake or apple pie in front of me. Thanks.


  1. Because I said so.
  2. I made this!