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Hi everyone!

My real name is Laura. I'm Dutch, and live in The Netherlands. I'm married to Mark. My personal website is on (in Dutch only).


I am active on the following wiki's:

Wiki Watchlists
Wikipedia Nederlands Watchlist
Wikipedia English Watchlist
Wikipedia Simple Engels Watchlist
Wikipedia Français Liste de suivi
Wikipedia Italiano Osservati speciali
Commons Watchlist
Wikidata Watchlist
Wikimedia Nederland Watchlist
Wikipedia Estonian
Only this one page: Roel Boomstra
Page history
Wikipedia Russian
Only this one page: Roel Boomstra
Page history
Wikibooks Nederlands
Met o.a. het Kookboek.

It would be very very convenient if there was a en:WP:Cross-wiki watchlists for all Wikimedia-wiki's a user has ever edited pages on.


In the Wikipedia in Dutch, I created pages about these authors.

I've translated this page from Dutch to English:

I plan to translate these pages I created to the English Wikipedia:

Wiki-notes for myself[edit]


If you want a Wiki user to get a notification about a comment you post on a talk page, you can use this wiki-code: {{ping|user name}} and then the message. For instance: {{ping|Mark_in_wiki}} message.
After publication, this will look like @Mark in wiki: message, and the user will get a notification of your post.