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I am carrying out a research project on Wikipedia as my dissertation for the Social Enterprise BA at the University of East London.

I will add more details here in due course.

Please ask any questions on the talk page.


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Key Personnel[edit]

Project Summary[edit]

In light of discussions about how innovative wikipedia is in relation to a long history of encyclopedic initiatives, this project will look at what relevance this has for WIkipedia editors.

This will be done through running an electronic survey

This survey will focus on

  1. how seriously editors view Wikipedia,
  2. whether they think of it in terms of previous encyclopedic initiatives
  3. to what extent they are consciously hoping to develop a public good
  4. to what extent they Wikipedia being a resource for posterity
  5. the important that they give to having their particular contributions recorded for posterity

Recruitment Details[edit]

In order to recruit participants for our study, we must contact Wikipedians. We are committed to doing so in a responsible and unobtrusive matter. Our recruitment practices will adhere to the following rules:

Benefits for Wikipedia[edit]

This survey will give a better idea how important the history of previous encyclopedias is to Wikipedians.

Sharing our Findings[edit]

The findings will be shared on Wikiversity

Wikipedia Policies, Ethics, and Human Subjects Protection[edit]

As this research is for the Social Enterprise BA at the University of East London ot will supervised by them.

All information will be anonymized.


Contact Us[edit]

Please contact me on the talk page here or at u1050129(at)uel.ac.uk