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As a participant in 100wikidays challenge, I will try to create (at least) one new article per day on Slovak Wikipedia for 100 days in a row.

List of articles created in Slovak Wikipedia[edit]


No Date Article name Article name in English Short description of (the subject of) the article
1 18th
23. motorizovaný prápor 23rd Motorised Battalion a battalion-size motorised infantry unit established on 1 September 2015 as a part of the 2nd Mechanised Brigade of the Ground Forces of the Slovak Republic, garrisoned in Trebišov in eastern Slovakia
My first article is dedicated to soldiers of the 23rd Motorised Battalion.
2 19th
posádka (vojenstvo) garrison force a military term – “all units assigned to a base or area for defence, development, operation, and maintenance of facilities”
3 20th odsek (právo) section a legal term – the distinct and numbered subdivision of a paragraph/article in a written law (legal code etc.)
rod filmu type(s) of films (?) a filmography term – a classification of films based on their common characteristics, esp. relationship to portrayed reality and applied creative process (four types: documentary film, fiction i.e. “film portrayed by actors”, abstract film, animated film)
4 21st
Jan Koutný Jan Koutný Czech artistic gymnast and bank clerk (b. 1897, d. 1976), participant at the Summer Olympic Games 1924 in Paris (2nd at vault) and 1928 in Amsterdam (2nd as a member of the Czechoslovak national team)
5 22nd
Juraj Kačur Juraj Kačur Slovak politician and peasant, member of the Second Czechoslovak resistance, chairman of the Local National Committee in Sačurov in 1945–1948 and member of the Slovak National Council in 1946—1948, victim of communist regime in Czechoslovakia, especially of collectivization of agriculture
6 23rd
Fedor Kállay (kníhtlačiar) Fedor Kállay (printer) Slovak printer (publishing house manager) and public intellectual (b. 1884, d. 1918), he served as the administrator of the Budapest Publishing Society in 1908—1914 and was a member of the Slovak Society in Budapest, participated in the Great War and the Russian Civil War (most likely as a member of Czechoslovak Legion in Russia)
7 24th
drip-painting drip-painting action painting technique, famously employed by an American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock
8 25th
salzburské rokovania Salzburg talks summit of head political representatives of Slovakia (Jozef Tiso, Vojtech Tuka, Alexander Mach and others) with Joachim von Ribbentrop in Salzburg and Adolf Hitler in Berghof on 28 July 1940
9 26th
Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová Slovak journalist and reporter (b. 1988)
10 27th
Edita Hanzelová-Katzová Edita Hanzelová-Katzová Slovak Jewish resistance fighter (b. 1920, d. 1944), member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (1937—1938/1939) and the Communist Party of Slovakia (1939—1944). Took part in the Slovak Nationa Uprising, died in battle.
11 28th
koprodukcia co-production a joint venture between two or more different production companies for purpose of film production