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About me

I was an active Wikipedia editor from August 2013 through June 2015. On July 17, 2015, after a 75-day arbcom case, I was banned, primarily as a result of editing in the subject areas of civilian firearms, firearms law, and gun politics.

I helped to bring the Wikipedia article Gun show loophole to good-article status, but pro-gun editors have been slowly working on "improving" that.

I suggested creating a civility board, but that effort was even less welcome than my mainspace edits.

Because Wikipedia's editors are 85 percent to 90 percent men and because the editing environment is notoriously hostile, I also proposed creating a women-only space, WikiProject Women, as part of 2015 IdeaLab campaign. Although it topped the campaign's leaderboard, it also attracted a lot of opposition. One of my favorite comments was from the editor who later opened the arbcom case against me. She said the space would likely encourage group-think.

My Wikipedia experience, including on- and off-wiki harassment, as well as my ongoing work to expose Wikipedia's pro-gun editors is covered at

The best way to contact me is at lightbreather2 at gmail dot com.

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