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Procedure 1.

The temporary) harassment fact plan measure measure preparation room head of an office

Than a Chaitr treatment cormorant, request to a head office official

First, in a Wikimedeazaidan foundation.

Naming  Chair: establishes a harassment measure preparation room until this system is set temporarily formally, and informs a person of preparation room official designation Boad and a person of preparation room director designation Borad of 1 person and the head of an office vicarious execution as a measure preparation room head of an office temporary non-full-time executive as a person in charge 1 person, by a* secretary and clerk somewhat, pre OPEN, I'd like to do a workshop.

Procedure 2.

An advisory body in a harassment measure room and, if, it's done and " (naming) harassment prevention committee and civil rights commissioner meeting" are established by the scale certain degree of with a proposal destination of the occasion and the judgment which do and have MA discontentedly in a decision in a harassment measure room, there is SU need.

October, September and lead time, I make, and of a candidate collect

I think you should be able to decide to be begun from a workshop as a committee preparatory meeting of a tentative name. ID:Liminoue ID:Liminoue PhD.Naoki INOUE