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Created this alternate account to be used directly while streaming on YouTube. Main/deprecated(deprecating) account User:Datariumrex while Main/new account is User:RustProton

This account is being used while streaming video/audio content.

Wikimedia events[edit]

I'd like to collaborate with somebody using Jitsi Meet (Q87849488) ie:

  • reaching out to /r/aspiegaming searching for people to collaborate with to co-host or be a supportive member in hosting a combined Wikidata and gaming event where we improve Wikidata items related to gaming(or other ideas[feedback!]). For a short experiment the event duration can be 1 hour long.
  • reaching out to /r/neurodiversity searching for people who might want to collaborate with me to co-host or be a supportive member in learning about Wikiversity and improving the current subject of
  • collaborating with a friend to host the first ever English Wiktionary event with target audience/-s:
    • /r/wikipedia (424,539 subscribers "subs") - some posts which are only about Wiktionary seem to be accepted. I assume posting only about Wiktionary could be a problem?
    • /r/etymology/ (164,767 subs) - the subreddit sidebar links to the English Wiktionary and there are posts which link to specific words
    • /r/linguistics (236,453 subs) - they even have posts where people ask about feedback for specific words on Wiktionary
    • less likely but possibly: /r/languagelearning/ - this subreddit is more related to tools(software/apps). So if I know of tools or techniques(even guides?) to help somebody get the most of wiktionary then it can be shared.

Wikimedia essays[edit]

Wikipedia essays could get some form of Wikidata guide so that it will be more straight forward how to enter data that represents ie. Wikipedia:essays, Wikisource:essays etc. I will not try to enter any guides in the main space as I'd rather finish the guides I've started like ie. adding more Wikidata related data based on Wikiversity articles on Wikidata v:Wikidata.


Teaching people about and learning myself about it is important to me because query is an amazing tool since its so user friendly.

work that might go on forever if I don't stop myself[edit]

This is content that follows Wikidata:Notability.

Wikidata Resources to learn about it[edit]

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

My voice type[edit]

My voice type (P412) is bass (Q27911) 2("Bass 2" or in Swedish "Andra bas") according to the choir's voice teacher (Q7939609) while singing in a choir related to Linköping Cathedral (Q1236659) somewhere in between the years 2000-2003.

English Wikiversity[edit]

What I noted down is/was an interest of mine on 2021-01-20(UTC):

  • Interdisciplinary fields(ie. HR,"Neurotypes"(psychology?)) in relation to Neurodiversity, maybe finding a systematic way to find neurotypes. Finding a technique to find neurotypes.
  • "Neurotype" concept(working on the definition over at Neurodiversity Movement/Section 1: The Basics

"Tangible work" where I think it might be "relatively easy" to do a contribution:

  • Method of loci - I definitely want to contribute in this area. I'd probably use Minetest and storing texture files for developing a learning resource about Method of Loci which is waived as "CC0 1.0", inspired to use this as Wikidata uses this and also personal interest in releasing/waiving material as "CC0 1.0")


  • researcher identity topic. Do I identify as a researcher? I think that's too complex for me to answer but it leads to the following thoughts:

No reliable third party can state I'm a researcher, I'm mostly sure about this.

Still I hope my observations and thoughts can be helpful here on Wikiversity, since being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome around the years 2002/2003 I've been interested in the diagnosis and the people who have been diagnosed. I've observed and have been interested in if Asperger's is a temporary condition or a "temporary wiring"(if you will), my observations have led to mostly assuming there is a "permanent" kind of behavior as in "brain structure" that remains "the same" throughout a lifetime or similar enough to being able to be considered "the same".

This interest in meeting more people who have been diagnosed and learning about their experiences of meeting others with ASD/"neurotypes" has only grown after years have passed by as I've met more people diagnosed with ASD/Asperger's/Atypical Autism and more "neurotypes".

In Sweden where I live I've usually had Housing Support (Q10432025) which is a kind of social services personnel that help people in their homes with ie. dishes, cleaning and other daily tasks. I've had such personnel help me out at home since about late 2013, until since late 2020 I entered in a new apartment where having such personnel is not allowed or it is "expressed" in a different way as Stödassistent (Q60823129). When I still had Housing Support (Q10432025) I(with the help and will of the company that provided the service) had put out advertisements where I sought neurodivergent(didn't use this exact term on every ad) professionals in this field to help me. The company CEO which provide services has a philosophy that is similar to this idea: "the person who is receiving help and the professional who is providing the help, those people's time are equally valuable" so any of the two parties should be free and feel welcome to express to a representative of the company that either party trusts that they can no longer work with the other person for any reason. That led me to have high hopes although in the first interview or introduction in this company I asked if any of their current professionals had a diagnosis, which I asked in hope that maybe somebody with Asperger's worked there. I was told they had 2 professionals with ADHD which I never got the chance to meet. Though that statement made me hopeful that there was "space" to search for such professionals and that's why the ads were created. I didn't actually suggest the ads but it was suggested by a a member of the company.

I've wanted to and still want to interact with people who have been diagnosed with various conditions or have compared their "neurotype" or "brain structure" to other people either diagnosed or not. When meeting people I make observations and usually am interested in how various people within the ASD or with other "neurotypes" compare and interact with each other. I have also been interested in my own neurotype and have observed some individuals which I assume are the "same neurotype" as myself or where the likelihood of that being the case was "high". When meeting people of the "same neurotype" the experiences have been mostly good.

Constructing a "neurotype" survey regarding the Neurodiversity Movement[edit]

What I was interested in on 2021-01-20(UTC):

overly enthusiastic section[edit]

What I was interested in on 2021-01-20(UTC): hopes of potential for imaginary projects(in lack of a better term)

  • The creation of a similar "manual" to DSM-V but a free resource on Wikiversity, created solely by observations, a resource of "neurotypes".

Creating a subpage at Wikiversity about my eating habits[edit]

Motivation behind creating this subpageeatinghabitslive:

  • I am observing a pattern where I eat the food I eat at unpredictable times, maybe 4-5 hours after I wake up.
  • I have an interest in observing my own behavior and my environment that causes this behavior
  • I'm going to try to document my eating patterns, which might fail due to being ashamed of my eating patterns, as I document more and more.

I am creating this subpage eatinghabitslive to have a page where I track my eating habits. The goal is to investigate to some degree what I need to do in a kind of self-help fashion to eat food when I want to, so it doesn't take so much time from my life. It may well be another of my failing ideas where I try to trick my brain(I don't think I've ever done such a thing and I doubt it is possible) but I'll try.

In the end I might also choose not to create this page. I will give this subpage creation a few days for my mind/brain to process if I really need such a page. So at or after 2021-02-10 on Wednesday I can come back to this topic and if I still want, by then, to create such a page, that I find that I need it then I could create it if the circumstances allow it.

Caution: If the page doesn't lead to anything by 2021-04-08's end then I will blank the page and ask for it to be deleted.

Swedish Wikiversity (Q22001385)[edit]

I've registered for this collection of courses Svenska.

When I do specific sections of the course which contains exercises I will document them here in a subsection of this section.