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A User Guide to Mat Nadrofsky

Availability: usually 9am ~ 5pm EST/EDT

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Preferred Name: Mat (he/him)

Preferred Contact Methods: Slack, E-mail.

Things I Like

  • Helping people, creating opportunity, clearing blockers and learning something new each and every day.
  • Spending time with my family playing superheroes, mermaid games and cooking new things they sometimes eat!
  • Anything health/fitness/human physical and mental performance related tips!

How To Talk To Me

  • If we don't have a regular recurring connection and you'd like to chat, just DM me and happy to set something up.

Things I'm Bad At

  • Sometimes balancing work vs. life
  • Taking on too much - I have to work hard to ruthlessly prioritize my own workload at times to avoid impacting the aforementioned work life balance

Annoying Things I Do

  • I can be a talker. I actively work to balance my more extroverted tendencies to ensure I'm creating space for thoughtful conversation.
  • Ask "How are you doing?" perhaps a bit too frequently!
  • Display too many "Dad humour coffee mugs" on camera much to the chagrin of fellow meeting attendees.

Hot Takes

  • If are into endlessly talking about "fixing car stuff" or "cooking stuff" I'm always down as they are my two top hobbies outside of my kiddos!