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Mackbrain Chiwakata born on 3 April 1988.

My aim is to build a reputable platform that will help to connect with many people. The goal is to unite people, share ideas and change lives

I am the Founder and Installer at , I am a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to unite and become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to see the greatness that resides within them.

I grew up in a poor family my parents were really trying but they passed through many different misfortunes and my mother ended up being sick .My father was working on a farm earning a salary that was only enough to pay bills, buy food and pay rentals. l could not afford to get a proper education. After writing my O"level exams l applied for my first Emergency travelling document so that l can migrate to Botswana. That is when I learnt many things about life. I experienced tough times including sleeping under the bridges, spending days without bathing ,eating PAP with soup or salt. It was painful but I didn't know that my life is being transformed from a boy to a man. Now my soul is strong I can read and see future from a distance

Though I managed to acquire few things that can take care of me or family, I still need a permanent business\Investment that can last for decades. I wish to experience a true life adventure that will see many people coming from different parts of the world uniting and working together doing projects and partnerships that will help to change the lives of many. I want to thank God who gave me the opportunity to spread this word. One day it will reach the ears of many and God will make it possible. My last and most important Goal is to register and open a Non profit organization.