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User:Makotoy/Wikimedia Conference Japan

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Summary of discussions on the program at staff meetings and mailing lists: This is based on a message posted by Ks aka 98 on the mailing list. Note that all the information below is still under discussion and is subject to change. Please contact User:Makotoy or other participants to the project for any concerns and/or offerings.

Morning sessions[edit]

  • Going to use: one large hall, possibly streaming to smaller classrooms if the hall is not large enough for all the participants.

Tentative schedule:

  1. 10:00 Keynote 1
  2. 10:30 Keynote 2
  3. 11:00 Discussion / symposium, with the speakers of the above keynotes

ToDo: Kekynote speaker on the Wikimedia side

12:00 - 13:00 lunch break

Afternoon sessions[edit]

13:00 - Afternoon sessions. We are planning to have several parallel sessions taking place in separate small classrooms.

ToDo: we need to consider sessions of/by/for non-Japanese speakers.

Session A[edit]

  • Theme: What are Wikimedia projects?
  • going to use: one classroom

Tentative schedule:

  1. 13:00 Around the Wikimedia Foundation
  2. 14:00 Projects other than Wikipedia
  3. 15:00 Wikimania 2009 report
  4. 16:00 CC and GFDL

This session is mainly about introductions to the Wikimedia projects. Main target is the people who are interested in some projects, yet not actually getting involved, or the ones who do edits yet do not know the big picture. In addition,

  • Brief on The Foundation
    • People from the Foundation (if appearance on the spot is not possible, video letters etc)
    • Message from the foundation
    • Usability Project - 小村さん 
Outline of the Foundation - Kulさん
  • Wikimania report
  • Report on the authoring workshop (which is going to be held before the conference)
  • Functions of MediaWiki
  • Introduction to the Japanese editions
    • dialog between sysops
  • CC, GFDL and Wikipedia
    • What is "free"? (a la FSF) / free software culture
    • CC/CCJP (伊藤譲一さん、野口さん)[wmevent2009:18] [wmevent2009:26]
  • On other language editions
    • Operational differences among different language editions
  • Similar projects (Chakwiki, Uncyclopedia)
    • Daum encyclopedia
  • MediaWiki: Using and running MeediaWiki software

Session B[edit]

  • Theme: How to use WikiMedia
  • going to use: one classroom

Tentative schedule:

  1. 13:00 Overview of data mining researches which use Wikipedia
  2. 14:00 Case study 1
  3. 15:00
  4. 16:00 Talk session: possibility of the feedback to the project

This session will include technology oriented talks, targeting people observing (investigating) the projects from outside, or the ones who hack MediaWiki.

  • Tech talks
    • publishing (PDF, real-world)
    • Technical possibilities on vocalization and other assistance for visually challenged people
    • Visualization
    • MediaWiki Hack
    • Data mining
    • Data matching between Wikipedia and YouTube
    • Optimization for mobile devices, iPhone, Visual Wikipedia
  • Tips
    • Wikipedia tools

Session C[edit]

  • Theme: The way WikiMedia should develop
  • going to use: one classroom

Tentative schedule:

  1. 13:00 Academic information for non-experts
  2. 14:00 The art of subculture research
  3. 15:00 How to make an encyclopedia
  4. 16:00 Wikipedia in higher education

This session aims for enthusiastic participants.

  • Dialog between conventional paper encyclopedia editors and Wikipedia users / Invite editors of magazines
    • "Editing" e.g. 松岡正剛
    • around "本とコンピューター"
  • 木村忠正(governance /『ウィキペディア革命』)
  • Involved talks on copyright
    • copyrights Tomosさん、CCの中山さん
    • How should Wikipedia cope with GFDL? (summary field)
    • GFDL and deletion
  • Talks on the similar projects (Uncyclopedia, Chakuwiki, etc.)
  • Conversation between different language projects
  • Proper way to write about subculture
  • Classes using Wikipedia
    • Wikipedia in the education - copy&paste problem
    • vandal and University account
    • Rangeblock on universities
    • Dialog between Prof. Tokizane and sysop
    • Wikimedia is not for learning copyrights, nor medialiteracy
  • Wikimedia for Academia
    • Specialized terminology references in the specific academic fields (can be in Session B)


  • going to use: Hall/classroom
  • Workshops by participants
    • workshop on writing articles
    • workshop tidying articles, making/using templates
    • photographers' workshop
  • lightning talk
  • poster session
  • commons photo gallery