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CURRENT Activities

Movement Consultations

At the moment, we are starting to reach out to members of the community and affiliates to give us input on how we are going to structure this partnership and what needs to be considered in building such a partnership. We are focusing those consultations on the following topics and try to get input on:

  • Building hubs and sustainable software development partnerships
  • Mapping suitable groups or affiliates for the partnership
  • Aspects that need to be considered when making decisions on the partnership (language focus, experience with software development etc.)

If you want to give your perspective, please reach out to me or leave a comment on the link.

PLANNED Activities[edit]

Phase 1: Finding Movement Partner and establish infrastructure

  • Movement Consultation for establishing the partnership
  • Establishing funding and communication infrastructure between the partners

Phase 2: Discovery for Lexicographical Data

  • Product Discovery for Lexicographical Data: Definition of target groups, user interviews, analysis of user requirements etc.
  • Implementation of results from the Product Discovery

Phase 3: Connect to Wikidata and Wikibase and the World

  • Definition of the future of the collaboration
  • Create comprehensive documentation and a blueprint for future partnerships