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GLAM files and their reuse[edit]

The National Digital Archives[edit]
Narcyz Witczak-Witaczyński - Polish cavalry soldiers visiting local residents
  • The collaboration with the National Digital Archives (NAC) brought around 5000 files from the Narcyz Witczak-Witaczyński collection and 1700 files from 2 other collections of historic images by Polish photographers. The upload began in early 2018 and new files were gradually added to the category. See the collaboration description on Polish Wikipedia -->
  • After consulting with Wikimedia Polska, the National Digital Archives have added a Public Domain statement concerning rights to images on their digital collection public page, which enables individual Wikimedians and other interested people to download and reuse the images.
  • Since January 2018 when first uploads took place, altogether approximately 6400 files have beeen uploaded to Commons via the Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe upload.
  • All files can be found in the Images from Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe category (alongside other 2000+ files uploaded by volunteer Wikimedians).
  • Usage statistics: In November 2018, due to the celebrations of the Centenary of Polish Independence, the NAC files have been viewed in Wikipedia 9,105,255 times (and an average of around 4 million views per month). They illustrate 3,087 pages on 92 wikis.
The National Library of Poland[edit]
  • A team of 15 employees of the National Library have participated in 3 editing trainings and meetups in order to add content, references, and links to Polish Wikipedia and illustrations and PDF files from the library to Wikimedia Commons. The files uploaded by the team are mainly portraits of important Polish writers, poets, journalists, actors and politicians, and covers or illustrations of literary works, and are used widely in Wikipedia.
  • Plans were made at the end of 2018 to carry out a mass upload (several thousand images) of National Library images to Wikimedia Commons.
Other GLAM materials[edit]
  • The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw contributed 100 CC-BY-SA licensed images of contemporary Polish art.
  • The Regional Institute of Culture in Katowice also contributed a number of photographs from their archive.

New GLAM files and their use[edit]

Institution 2018
Number of files Usage in articles File views
Biblioteka Narodowa w Warszawie 673 1,077 1,085,009
Regionalny Instytut Kultury w Katowicach 50 81 109,549

(value for all 170 images)

Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe 6400 4357

(value for all images from NAC)


(median monthly value for all images)

Mazovian Digital Library 1395 - -
Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie 100 51 165,417
Museum of Warsaw 31 1 -
National Museum in Warsaw 10 - -
Goethe Institut 35 10 5,757
Paderewski Secondary School in Katowice 200 55 37,072
Total 8984 5632 5,607,945


We conducted:

Workshop, Goethe Institut

TOTAL: We conducted 14 GLAM-Wiki workshops.

New registered users / editors[edit]

New editors, Goethe Institut workshop

As a result of our GLAM workshops we gained a number of new editors and met the expected number of 40 new users. Many of these users continue editing as part of longer-term collaborations, for example, the National Library of Poland team.

List of users registered during GLAM workshops in 2018[edit]

Darinastrock, TeenPregnancy, IronMonix, Rubinydwa, Pingwinia mafia, Łukasz Paweł Szyszkowski, Dzoanka11, Minshockt, KarolinaHJ, Aleksandra.Kowalczyk2, Fra diavalo2, Galiandor, ShadowMON134, Michalina0k, Viawoclaw, Wylic, NataliaFiedler, Ola krz3minska, Zło, Aplusmil, Fibibb, Koalacja, EviN, Marta Frączyk, Georgiana Diana, Janusz Drzewucki, Maciek sikorski, Anna Myśliwska, Anna Sawa, Mmarta anna, Nieiskrzenie, Dkwp, LulekCzarny, Jmajkowska, Miednica, Paulina Tanska, Stefania Kufel, Marta-Zuzanna, Julia Włazińska, Anka Leśniak, Nikolaannaadamus, Białewakacje, VillemoLind, Pklos, Ewa Behrens, Dominika Szpos, PioRyg, A Syska, Bożena Ferdyn-Janik, Zofia R, Rękawiczka, Mrikonas, IzaWCAG, Klementynafa, Fugawielogłosowa, Lapis 333, Paula Strugińska, sssfinksss, Alina Markiewicz, KlaudiaFic, AnnDar, Kasia Krawczyk, Ansykra, AnkeWiki, Jowitozaur, AniaDziecz, Krzysztof Dobrowolski, Basia Kregiel, Dagrimes, Jan Pawlicki (MH), Żaneta Wan, Szymon Różyłów, paweł harapiński, Rzeplińska Klaudia, Patryycja.

TOTAL: 75 new editors have registered via GLAM workshops and events.

Volunteer engagement[edit]

Wikimedians who participated in GLAM programs (online or during live events -- helping new editors, corresponding with new editors, organising events, solving technical problems, designing GLAM Pdfs or leaflets, speaking at conferences. This list does not include volunteers categorising GLAM files or illustrating Wikipedia with content from GLAM institutions):

Total number of Wikimedian volunteers actively involved in organising GLAM activities: 12.


List of new articles

new articles

new articles

List of extended articles

List of extended articles

GOALS and outcomes[edit]

Goal Status and description Progress
Minimum 10 000 files from across all GLAM partnerships to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by the end of 2018 90 % completed. Large uploads from the National Archives, The National Library of Poland. Other uploads are conducted by smaller institutions (mainly museums) in a variety of regions. Approximately 9100 files from GLAM collections were uploaded since January 2018. 90%
At least 10 GLAM workshops in 2018 140 % completed. We conducted 14 GLAM workshops in different locations across the country. 140%
At least 40 registered users 187.5 % completed. 75 users have registered. See list of users. 187%
At least 100 new Wikipedia articles written within GLAM projects 40 new articles were written and around 30 extended by 100 percent of their original length or considerably more. Additionally, several hundred articles had references, illustrations, and external links added through the National Library effort. Around 60%