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  • I’m so sorry about my terrible English. Please help me with my English.

This page describe how to make edit page to show his writing system, and edit these writing system. This is just my suggestion and I want to talk about this in discussion page. And everyone can and welcome to edit, add opinion and correct English... to this page.

These days, In Chinese[1], Serbian and Kazakh language Wikipedia accept multi-writing system by automatic conversion system.[2] That is very useful system for Wikipedian who can’t read or write other writing system. But they have some problem to use Wikipedia; one of those is Edit Page. The edit page is NOT converted and the page is mixture of many writing system. So Wikipedian who edit to these page, may be hard, uncomfortable and ineffective to contribute in Wikipedia.[3] If they can edit the page in their writing system by support in Wikipedia. It will be very nice and effective thing.


Basic System[edit]

To display specific writing system, server must send converted information. And to prevent original text, it must send original information too. And editor should be use the edit box, like they just edit page written by their writing system. So I think the system must likes ‘’ruby system’’.

In this page, I’ll make example when ‘zh-cn (Mainland China)’ user edit page, which is written by ‘zh-tw (Taiwan)’. When ‘zh-cn’ user edit page, server must send information with ‘converted text’ and ‘original text’. I will indicate that in this page for example –, { original text | converted text(ruby) }.

  • 國 => {國|}
  • 電腦 => {電腦|计算机}
  • 新聞動態 =>新{聞|}{動|}{態|}

Basically server must make ruby by each character, because Chinese language doesn’t have space. But I think it’s better to make ruby by space in other language. And '電腦' is made ruby by word, because '電腦' and '计算机' is certainty same word. And '新' doesn’t need ruby.

العربية=== Edit Box === Basically edit box display just ruby not original text. But it is useful if editor can see which one has ruby (character which is different between displayed text and original text). So the ruby text display differently by e.g. bold the text or change color to blue.

  • 新聞動態 =>新闻动态 (when display in edit)

When someone Copy and Paste in the text box, the ruby and original text must coped together. So Copy and Paste should not make damage in original text.

Korean Example in ko:부산광역시[edit]

Here is more example in Korean. First image is korean with hanja(unconverted). And Second is korean hangul only(converted). [4] Original wikitext.png Hanja byeonhwan wikitext.png

Korean Example 2 in ko:세종대왕[edit]

Unconverted Edit Page[edit]

'''世宗大王'''(-{世宗大王}-, [[1397年]] [[陰歷 4月 10日]]/陽歷 [[5月 6日]] - [[1450年]] [[陰曆 4月 8日]]/陽曆 [[5月 18日]], 在位 [[1418年]] - [[1450年]])은 [[朝鮮]]의 第4代 [[왕|임금]]이다. [[諱]]는 祹, [[자 (이름)|字]]는 元正, [[諡號]]는 世宗莊憲英文睿武仁聖明孝大王이다. [[조선 태종|太宗]]과 [[元敬王后]]의 셋째 아들이다. 世宗大王은 在位期間 동안 國防과 科學 및 經濟, 文化 등 全 分野에 걸쳐 찬란한 業績을 많이 남겨偉大한 聖君으로 推仰받고 있다. 現在 [[大韓民國 貨幣]]의 最高額 [[貨幣]]인 10000원권의 人物이기도 하다.

Converted Edit Page[edit]

'''세종대왕'''(-{世宗大王}-, [[1397]] [[음력 4 10]]/양력 [[5 6]] - [[1450]] [[음력 4 8]]/양력 [[5 18]], 재위 [[1418]] - [[1450]])은 [[조선]]의 4 [[왕|임금]]이다. [[]]는 , [[자 (이름)|]]는 원정, [[시호]]는 세종장헌영문예무인성명효대왕이다. [[조선 태종|태종]]과 [[원경왕후]]의 셋째 아들이다. 세종대왕재위기간 동안 국방과학경제, 문화 등 전 분야에 걸쳐 찬란한 업적을 많이 남겨위대성군으로 추앙받고 있다. 현재 [[대한민국 화폐]]의 최고액 [[화폐]]인 10000원권의 인물이기도 하다.


In Editing[edit]

When someone remove or edit ruby-ed data, it needs to remove original data, and it must change color to black.

For example:

  1. 计算机 // it is ruby-ed word, which has original data ‘電腦’
  2. 计算 // When editor remove 机, it makes to broke ruby, so original data should to remove, and change color to blank. Because it not ruby-ed character anymore.

  1. 闻动态 // blue characters is ruby-ed characters, each character has its ruby and original data.
  2. 闻动 // when editor remove‘态’, there are no change others.
  3. 闻动 // when editor retype ‘态’again,the charact must black(not ruby-ed), because the ruby already removed.

Save Page[edit]

When save page, the client(edit box) will send only original data : the black character is send directly. But the blue character should send 'the original data', not 'ruby data'. So in server side, there are no functional change with before when save.

For example:

  1. 闻动 // when you save this.
  2. 新聞動态 // The client send this to server.


Manual Markup[edit]

Manual Markup should not be use ruby. Because, no one want to change this in Edit box.

For example :

  • -{zh-cn: 计算机; zh-tw: 電腦}- => -{zh-cn: 计算机; zh-tw: 電腦}- ( not -{zh-cn: 计算机; zh-tw: 电脑}- )


It needs a bit of programming for this suggestion.

Server Side[edit]

Server needs to be added these functions:

  1. Send data with rubys.

Client Side[edit]

Client(edit box) needs to be added these functions:

  1. Need to handling characters with rubys.
  2. Color characters which has ruby.
  3. Copy and Paste with rubys.
  4. Send just original data when save.


  1. Automatic conversion between simplified and traditional Chinese
  2. And there are some movement to introduce the system in Korean Wikipedia.
  3. Problems with server-side Chinese to Chinese translation in MediaWiki
  4. User:Yes0song/Automatic conversion in Korean language.
  5. ko:사용자:Yes0song/다지모/한자 혼용판 도입.