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This User is a Bangladeshi but work in worldwide Wikipedia. Like as Commons, English, বাংলা, हिंदी, اردو

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Masum Ibn Musa বাংলা মাসুম ইবনে মুসা is a Wikipedian from Khulna, Bangladesh. He is involved in many internet activities. He has mostly edited pages on cricketers, actors, and actresses. When he graduated, he felt the responsibility to become involved in social work, writing, and also as an electrician. He is also known as a computer specialist and a computer literacy trainer.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Masum was born in Borobari, Uttar Bedkashi, Kayra Thana District of Khulna. His first childhood teacher was his grandfather, Master Habibur Rahman. He completed his primary education at Borobari Primary School. Then he received his Secondary School Certificate at Kayra Madinabad High School in 2006. His university education was completed at the Institute of Kapotakhma College (2008). From 2004-2008, he was awarded the best teacher of computer teaching at the MM Computer Institute, formerly known as College Computer. In 2006, he established his own computer institute, Diganta Computer. He was started his BSS Hons in Economics (2009-2012) and a MSS in Economics (2013) at Govt. BL College Khulna.

Starting Wikipedia[edit]

Masum became a Wikipedian in 2008 but his editing activity started in 2010. He has edited pages about cricketers, singers, athletes, and stars (actors and actresses) in Dhallywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood. He has edited the Bengali language version of Wikipedia.

Internet Activities and Achievements[edit]

Masum is the member of Internet Movie Database. He has contributed to the international movie database, and improving movie articles. He has also uploaded videos to Youtube.

Masum also worked for the Bangladesh Election Commission in 2008 as a computer operator for taking photos, fingerprinting, and collecting voter information and voter cards. For these activities he was recognized as the first place computer operator in Khulna. In 2013, he successfully completed an English course at BBC Janala. He can speak the English language very naturally. He also writes poems for a local magazine. He has written a book on how to use MS Office, including the basics of MS word, MS excel MS PowerPoint and MS Access.

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