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Data Acquisition in GIS notes by maveric149
Please use these notes in any way allowable by the w:GNU FDL. However, you might want to drop me a line in my talk page after you make a wikipedia article from this information, so that I don't make a similar article from the same data. I also plan on somehow marking the text in this file that has already been incorporated into wikipedia.

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Data Acquisition in GIS notes by maveric149/2002-02-22 Lecture
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Data Acquisition in GIS notes by maveric149/2002-04-05 Lecture
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2002-02-08 Lecture[edit]

Recommended Publications in w:GIS:
Geograhic Data Technology, Geospatial, Geo World, GPS World, GPS Solutions, Geographical Inofomation Systems journal, URISA, (Best)

Recommended Online Datasources
GIS data for the State of California
Federal data source -- good place to check about validity and status metadata from federal GIS works

Divine intervention:

Mechanistic View:
The whole is the sum of its parts.

Systems View:

  • We are bombarded with systems views.
  • have boundaries and surroundings
  • 1 + 1 = 3 or more (greater than the sum of the parts = w:synergy)
  • Scaling (space, time....)
  • Linear data feeds no longer done -- data from surroundings and from multiple sources is no collected.

w:Trophic Levels
more views than users than doers

=== Research method ===
1) Observational Study (uses w:scientific method)

w:Observation -> w:Hypothesis -> w:Experiment -> w:Theory

Often, experiment leads back to another or modified hypothesis 2) Controlled Experience 3) Controlled Experiment

== GiS Essentials == (questions it answers answers)
1) Unique IDs (who? what?)
2) w:Coordinates (where? when?)
3) w:Metadata (why? how?)

Metadata reference Informaiton

Metadata about the metadata (used to check validity of data)

Info on next weeks homework
1) think about something I enjoy
2) find articles others have written on the topic

On subject line of email "G26_LastName_art1"
What I liked, didn't, info, deficiencies
Gear article searches that will aid in paper writing

ArcExplorer Demonstration
ArcExplorer is a shapefile viewer, offered as a free download from ESRI
You can obtian this program here