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Michael Tse
Director, Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
There may be things that are completely unknowable to us, so we must be careful not to treat the limits of our knowledge as sure guides to the limit of what there is. - Daniel C. Dennett, Kinds Of Minds: Toward An Understanding Of Consciousness (2008).

About me

I believe that quality knowledge is the common asset of the humanity. Everyone should be empowered to use and make additions to our common knowledge without any obstacles or restrictions.

I am 19 years old (probably one of the youngest heads of any Wikimedia affiliates), and I am an undergraduate student pursuing a BSc in food science. I joined Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong in 2018 and I was elected to board position in mid 2019.

User:無聊龍 is my contributor account used for editing Wikimedia projects.

My work

I have hosted various meetups, seminars and edit-a-thons for the Wikimedia community in Hong Kong. I am also exploring different ways to promote the Wikimedia movement in Hong Kong, such as contests and partnerships with different stakeholders in the civil society.

Disclaimer: This is a role account used to conduct my official capacity in Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong. Any actions conducted by my other accounts do not represent the official stance of Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong.

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