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Wikibooks uses the MediaWiki software, which was developed for Wikipedia. As such, it's not strictly intended for use in writing textbooks. Here is a technical wish list for Wikibooks to help with some of these shortcomings:

  1. "Search this book" feature being a special page, not a link to a google search
  2. Per-book stylesheets (although we could just as easily do that in javascript, it might be nice to have the javascript added to the core MW distribution)
  3. Book organizational meta-pages. A page where you could specify the layout for a book, and it would then generate an automatic TOC, and automatic forward/backward links, etc. darklama can probably explain this idea better then I can
  4. List of books. Like the special page Special:Allpages, but would only list the main page of a book, not all pages.
  5. A read-only Wikijunior domain (already registered) - a read only storage location for all stable book versions, which could be updated from Wikibooks when necessary
  6. The GNU Lilypond extension, for music and other types of displays (we've asked many times, and never got them because of technical reasons)
  7. PDF generator (currently hosted on the toolserver, but needs much work)

Aug 08 Dec 07 Nov 07 Sept 07

  1. See also mw:Extension:Pdf Book, mw:Extension:Pdf Export and mw:Extension:Pdf Export Dompdf
  2. An automatic TOC-generator tool. Several people have asked how to create new pages; this would help with that by providing a TOC of redlinks for them to work on, and would also foster greater organization of new books right from the get-go.
  3. Watching pages in bundles (ie per-book watchlists) bugzilla:12308, bugzilla:2308 and bugzilla:1710

By priority:

  1. Search by book (should be easy to do)
  2. Good PDF (and/or print version) generation (requires lots of work, and is probably difficult to do properly)
  3. List of top-level pages in the mainspace (ie books) (should be easy to do)
  4. TOC generator-thing (should be easy to do, but we can function just fine without it)
  5. per-book styles (most important thing to do requiring some work)
  6. Read-only or other quality control (needs lots of discussion before anything else)