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The Wikimedia Foundation regularly decommissions servers which are out of warranty, and which may be broken. Generally, the hardware is simply not fast enough to warrant keeping it in the datacentre. Since the capital investment is high for individual Wikimedians, the Foundation can donate these decommissioned servers, and community members may use them for various projects.

How it works[edit]

See [1] and [2]
  • Foundation staff lets the community know when servers are being decommissioned so they can submit requests.
  • Community members can explain what they plan to use the servers for.
  • Staff will accept requests from the community detailing the proposed use & will dole things out however they see fit.
    • Stated requirement of non-profit use
    • Is there a preference for planned uses which would benefit Wikimedia? (as opposed to non-profit uses which are unrelated to Wikimedia)
  • Shipping from Tampa is covered by the volunteers.
  • Hardware could be totally broken & it is out of warranty. HDDs are wiped.