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User:Mike Peel/FDC Declaration of Interest

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This declaration of a Conflict of Interest (COI) has been made by Mike Peel due to his involvement with Wikimedia UK as a trustee and budget holder, and with the Wikimedia Foundation as a member of the Fundraising Dissemination Committee. Also see Mike's FDC pledge and Mike's recorded compensation from Wikimedia.

The acronyms used in this document are as follows:

Acronym Description
AGM Annual General Meeting
CE Chief Executive
COI Conflict of Interest
FDC Fundraising Dissemination Committee
MP Mike Peel
WMF Wikimedia Foundation
WMUK Wikimedia United Kingdom


1. Background[edit]

  1. MP is currently the Secretary of WMUK and a member of the WMF’s FDC. His term on WMUK’s board runs until WMUK’s 2014 AGM, and his term on the WMF FDC runs until 15 September 2014. Both of these roles are on a volunteer basis, and neither provides any reimbursement for the time that MP invests into them.
  2. WMUK is a Wikimedia Chapter that is recognised by the WMF, and is a charitable organisation in the UK that is recognised by the UK’s Charity Commission. WMUK’s Objects are described in Section M3 of https://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Articles_of_Association
  3. The FDC exists to provide recommendations to the WMF Board about budget allocations within the Wikimedia movement. It is governed by the framework described at: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Funds_Dissemination_Committee/Framework_for_the_Creation_and_Initial_Operation_of_the_FDC
  4. WMUK will be applying to the FDC for a request of a grant to fulfil its activity plans on an annual basis. The FDC will be reviewing WMUK’s proposals and will be providing recommendations about budget allocations to the WMF Board.

2. Recusals[edit]

  1. MP will recuse himself from all FDC discussions and decisions that relate to WMUK’s annual budgets. This includes discussions and decisions specifically about all WMUK applications to the FDC, and the aspects of discussions and decisions about the overall budget recommendations that are relevant to WMUK’s applications and proposals.
  2. MP will recuse himself from WMUK discussions and decisions that relate to the FDC. This includes any WMUK discussion or decision about the FDC process, and discussions or decisions about WMUK’s overall proposal to the FDC.
  3. MP will not participate in the process of assembling WMUK’s applications or proposals to the FDC. This will help ensure that MP’s role in the FDC does not result in WMUK receiving any unduly beneficial information during the application process.
  4. MP may provide WMUK with any information that is publicly available about the FDC to the same degree as other FDC members provide information to other chapters, and may provide the FDC with any information that is publicly available about WMUK to the same degree that other FDC members provide information about chapters to the FDC.

3. WMUK strategy and budget management[edit]

  1. It is noted that discussions and decisions related to WMUK’s strategy, and WMUK discussions and decisions regarding sub-elements of WMUK’s overall budget, do not represent a COI provided that they do not specifically relate to WMUK’s FDC application.
  2. MP will continue to be a WMUK budget holder, and as such will lead the disbursement of funds under such budgets, for the duration of his role as a WMUK trustee.

4. Reimbursement of expenses[edit]

  1. MP will continue to receive reimbursements for his receipted or per diem expenses that are incurred in any aspects of his volunteer involvement with WMUK. This may include international travel to Wikimedia movement events (e.g. Wikimania, Chapters Conference). WMUK should not reimburse MP for his FDC-related expenses.
  2. MP will receive reimbursements for his receipted or per diem expenses incurred in his volunteer involvement with the FDC as permitted for other FDC members. This may include international travel to meetings of the FDC, and other relevant travel such as relevant professional conference or training sessions, or participation in site visits. MP will only receive reimbursement from the FDC for trips to events that are directly related to his role and responsibilities on the FDC.
  3. Should there be a risk of confusion about the role that MP is representing at any meeting or event, or within any other movement-related communications, then MP will make it clear which role he is acting in at that meeting or event in general, or during specific parts of the meeting or event as necessary.
  4. While serving on both the WMUK board and the FDC, MP will not receive any funds from either WMUK or WMF that are not intended to cover his expenses (for example, he will not undertake any contract work for either organisation). He will ensure that he is only reimbursed for any expenses by either WMUK or WMF, and that no expense is reimbursed by both organisations.
  5. Any expense reimbursement from any other organisation - aside from WMUK or WMF - that is being funded via an FDC recommendation will require notification of, and will be subject to the approval of, both WMUK and WMF via their CEs (or their delegates) or, if necessary, their Boards.

5. Other interests[edit]

  1. MP also has interests in astrophysics-related activities that are based in California, in the United States of America, as well as a number of other locations around the world where FDC meetings may take place. These may relate to his paid employment as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Manchester.
  2. MP may choose to take flights that arrive earlier or depart later than the dates of any FDC meetings that take place, or that take less direct routes to or from the meetings. Should this occur, he will only be reimbursed the minimum expenses that would have been incurred to ensure his present at the relevant FDC meetings, and he may be reimbursed any extra costs by the University of Manchester as appropriate.
  3. It is noted that the benefits that MP will receive on behalf of his astrophysics work are noncommercial in nature, and that they will not result in any direct financial benefit to MP.

6. COI management[edit]

  1. Any concerns regarding MP’s COI on the issues described here should be referred to the CE of WMUK and the CE of WMF (or their delegates). MP will respect and abide by any decisions that are jointly made by the two CEs (or their delegates), are jointly made by the Boards of WMUK and WMF, are made by the WMF Board with respect to the FDC, or are reflected in an applicable COI policy as relevant to MP’s responsibilities on the FDC.
  2. This is a novel COI within the Wikimedia movement, and that this COI statement and the resulting recusals may be subsequently revised throughout the term that this COI exists as are required the FDC COI policy and other by events.

7. Other issues[edit]

  1. MP will use his personal email address for FDC communications to help ensure that it is clear that he is acting in his role as FDC member (rather than as a WMUK Trustee). If MP does use his @wikimedia.org.uk address for FDC communication, he will include a simple notice that he is sending the communication as a FDC member (not a WMUK Trustee)
  2. MP will use a separate username, User:Mike Peel (FDC), when making edits or comments related to the FDC. If he does not use such a separate account, he will, in his edit notes, make clear that he is speaking only as an FDC member.