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Wikimedia experience[edit]

I joined Wikipedia in september 2017 so I'm very much a newby. In november 2017, I read/watched the summaries of the Wikimedia 2017 Strategic Direction process (phase 1).

Aug 2020: I've been AOL as a contributor for about 2 1/2 years due to other priorities in my life. Hoping to gradually get back up to speed and contribute more.


I'm British and I've been a Dutch resident for 40+ years. I'm bilingual (EN/NL) and I contribute to Wikipedia pages/discussions in both languages. I have NL->EN translation experience.

Wikimedia interests[edit]

My interest in Wikimedia is learning about Wikimedia's policy, strategy and programs that enable Wikimedia to remain a valuable and sustainable resource in an ever-changing world.


With regard to Wikimedia, I see my main competences as: communication (generally and especially using digital media), reviewing strategies and plans and organizational change management

Vision/Goals for Wikimedia[edit]

I share the Wikimedia Vision/Goals that resulted from the 2017 Strategic Direction process (phase 1). My personal Nr 1. priorities are:

  1. that Wikimedia becomes much more of a true collaborative partner in the broader 'knowledge ecosystem'. And that it selectively adds value where it most able, letting other partners add value where they are more able.
  2. that Wikimedia successfully deals with the organizational challenges highlighted during the introduction of the Berlin 2017 Strategy conference "What challenges will we deal with?"

Getting in touch[edit]

Feel free to leave a message on my Talk page!