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What I did[edit]

  • I delivered a presentation called "Sharing Public Information in Cooperation with South Korean Government." It was my first presentation in an international conference. I spoke about how we started the project and what we achieved.

What I learned[edit]

  • Wiki Town: Takot's presentation about the project was very useful for me, because we’ve already planed it in South Korea.
  • Community Capacity Map: I learned a new cencept, "Robustness." from Shangkuanlc in this section.
  • South Korea has only one official language, and almost of Koreans don't have other domestic language. I became aware that various languages are being spoken in Asian countries and there are a lot of attempts to preserve local languages.

What I want[edit]

  • There was no presentation regarding technical issues. I want to learn the technical skills or teach what I know in a next conference.

Wikimedians I met[edit]