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Mounir Neddi
Mohammedia, Morocco, Wikimedia MA User Group
"Sharing knowledge, is my passion"

About me

Hello and welcome to my home page in Wikipedia. My name is Mounir NEDDI, I am a Moroccan Wikimedia from the city of Mohammedia. I was born in 1997 in Azrou. I joined the Wikimedia Morocco team in 2021, but I have been passionate about writing on Wikipedia since I was young. I have a passion for sharing information and photos.

My work

Mounir NEDDI, holds a master's degree in geography, an activist in the field of culture and the environment. Project coordinator at the Reading Network Association in Morocco. Member of the Wikimedia Morocco team. Responsible for the project of reading Wikipedia in the classroom in Morocco.


autoconfirmed user on the Arabic Wikipedia Administrator on Wikipedia in the Moroccan dialect Wikimedia Foundation Certified Trainer in the "Reading Wikiped in the Classroom" program Wikimedia Projects Coordinator for Education in Morocco


Coordinator of the "Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom" program in Morocco Organizer of the Wikipedia Morocco Contest Participant in the Moroccan Communities Documentation Project on Wikimedia Commons


لقاء إذاعي على إذاعة راديو دوزيم حول مشاريع ويكيميديا المغرب.

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