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From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki
  • For those who would like to add a message because I merely visited their wiki, or because I made a language-less correction: Please don't.
    I'm obviously not creating a presence on that wiki, thus such messages are useless and they waste time for both of us.
  • For those who read this message on a page where it doesn't make sense: Consider which automated Wikimedia process may have brought this text to you without me knowing anything about it. (Still, the next entry may be of use to you as well.)
  • For others, let me mention that I'm mostly active on w:fy:User:Mysha and wikt:fy:User:Mysha these days. Even if you write to me here because you're not able to write Frisian and the topic is not relevant to those wikis, for wiki (quick) reactions you might want to warn me there.

Note that wiki-editing is done when there isn't enough to do at school. During weekends and school vacations, I'm not there and am unlikely to even see your message. I still may react to it once school is in again.