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First, we present five general questions related to the words and data we use which we hope most folks might have perspective on.[edit]

Question 1. Considering the output metrics developed to understand Wikimedia presence & growth; are there major domains we have failed to identify?
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The metrics of the pilot and initial public dashboard will be limited to our first round of data exploration and mapping and include:

The domain-level metrics[edit]

Review this deck to learn more about the project

The project focuses on triangulating our best available signal metrics across key engagement and enablement domains. All metrics are scaled 0-100, averaged across triangulation points, and then scaled 0-100 again so that the global percentile rank is 50 and those scores nearer 100 represent geographies signaling the most engagement in any named domain and those nearer 0 signaling the least. All scores are comparative indices in which no further modeling has been implemented beyond averaging and scaling triangulated signal metrics. The initial domains we have been mapping are:

  • Readership
  • Editorship
  • Program Leadership
  • Grants Leadership
  • Affiliate Leadership
  • Access
  • Freedom
  • WP Editor Population Penetration
  • Population Presence & Growth

The facets[edit]

In addition to the main domain-level metrics, for those domains in which we have robust enough data (Readers, Editors, Grants, and Affiliates) we will also share sub-metrics along two facets:

  • Presence
  • Growth

The high-level metrics[edit]

In addition to each of the domain metrics we will share three high-level roll-up metrics:

  • Overall Engagement
  • Overall Enablement
  • Rank in under-representation

Additional metric domains under consideration which we hope to progress toward[edit]

In progress:[edit]

Gender Equity[edit]

  • Estimated Contributor Gender Gap (Estimated Contributor Gender Ratios (% women), World Bank Gender Ratios (% of total population women)
  • Gender Inequality (Gender Inequality Index, Gender Development Index)

General Inclusion & Equity[edit]

  • Human Development (Human Development Index (HDI), Labour share of GDP, comprising wages and social protection transfers, Income-adjusted HDI (IHDI))
  • Palma Ratio (Income held by the richest 10%, Income held by the poorest 40%)
  • Income Inequality (Income Inequality GINI Index, Income Index (GNI per capita)
  • Human Inequality (Overall loss in HDI due to inequality, Coefficient of Human Inequality)
  • Inclusion (Looking at Peoples Under Threat & Inclusiveness Index)

In exploration[edit]

  • On-wiki Leadership (Looking at rights and use of administrative rights on the projects)
  • Content (Total wiki content and net new content added)
  • New Editors (New Editors, New Active Editors, and New Retained Active Editors)
  • Content Interactions (Integrating content previews along with pageviews)
  • Disinformation and cyber security threats (Oxford data)
  • Partnerships (Count and Type across grantees and affiliates)
  • Grants Leadership (Improved to integrate outcome metrics as well as grants counts and dollars)

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Question 2. Are there input measures that could be improved from the landscape of existing data or measures which should not be part of the measurement framework for Wikimedia presence & growth?
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Domain Measure
Readers Average monthly unique devices

Average monthly pageviews

Average monthly editors

Average monthly active editors

Programs Count Education Events

Count GLAM Events Self-reported capacities

Grants Annual grants FY

Historic grants Growth in Grants

Affiliates Highest Governance Type

Affiliate grants Affiliate count, size, and tenure Count new recognitions Count organizing hubs engaged

Population World Population

Population Growth

Access Population Accessing Internet

GSMA Mobile Connectivity Score Access to Basic Knowledge Access to Information & Communications

Freedom Freedom Index

World Press Freedom Index Control of Corruption Score

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Question 3. Are you aware of any key data sources we have missed for understanding Wikimedia presence & growth?

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Question 4. What are possible use-cases of these metrics for you?

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Question 5. Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share with us about the Wikimedia presence & growth measurement framework or the planned dashboard elements?

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