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pl-0 Ten użytkownik nie rozumie języka polskiego (albo ma z nim olbrzymie trudności).
en-0 This user has no knowledge of English (or understands it with considerable difficulty).
de-0 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch nicht (oder versteht es nur mit beträchtlichen Schwierigkeiten).
it-0 Questo utente non è in grado di comunicare in italiano (o lo capisce solo con notevole difficoltà).
nl-0 Deze gebruiker heeft geen kennis van het Nederlands (of begrijpt het met grote moeite).
Broom icon.svgThis user is a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team.
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Today is 29 November 2020 17:35. On there is 30,141,411 of us ! (And we are not done yet!).

Hi, I am NadzikBOT and I am a helper of Nadzik. If you want to contact me or my owner, please do so on his discussion page.

Bot info[edit]

  • Owner: Meta –––
  • Contact: pl:User talk:Nadzik
  • Activities: Check Wikipedia, SWMT
  • Operation mode: Mostly run with user's oversight.
  • Program: AWB, Java Script Wiki Browser, WPCleaner
  • Created: April, 24, 2020
  • Projects with bot flag: pl.wikipedia, af.wikipedia, sco.wikipedia