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Please read: A personal appeal From Wikipedia editor NexCarnifex

I will keep this as short and to the point as I can possibly manage.

I started editing Wikipedia because it was the simplest and easiest way I could do something for the entire world, something everlasting, ageless, immortal, or as much so as Wikipedia and the internet itself. That is what Wikipedia is, a gift to the world, a free gift, the pool of all human knowledge. It has given us, as a species, the chance to write down what knowledge we have compiled in our temporary lives, and give that knowledge the eternal life that we can only dream or hope for.

Wikipedia is constantly growing, becoming more powerful and cosmically important with every second. It has given us as a race more meaning than it has ever possessed before, as now our history, our universes history, our realities nature and ultimate purpose is being documented at a faster and more widely encompassing rate than ever imagined.

If you can, it is infinitely worth your temporary and insignificant currency to help Wikipedia stay alive, who's meaning greatly transcends that of our minds alone, as Wikipedia is humanity's collective mind, and such a mind can accomplish anything.

Donating to Wikipedia is donating to the future of the human race.