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I won't be able to participate WikiCite 2016 and I regularly have more ideas than time. This page collects some ideas connected to WikiCite.


Project Academic Genealogy: collect data about PhD theses and dissertation supervision to connect all academics with PhD in Wikidata. See en:academic genealogy for theoretical background. There are Wikidata properties for dissertation supervisor but statements need to be qualified with the PhD thesis. The data must also be sourced via bibliographic databases etc. that proof the existence of a thesis. Other types of ancestry exist as well. Such project needs experts in Wikidata, acedemic genealogy (at least one established database such as Academic Family Tree, PhDTree etc.), history of science, bibliographic databases...

Connecting social cataloging with Wikidata: en:social cataloging with bag-based model is still popular for personal reference management. Reference management tools of any kind should be connected to Wikidata in both directions.

Wikidata as Social Cataloging platform: We could provide social cataloging on top of Wikidata: every user can manage his own lists of bibliographic Wikidata item with his own tags. The bibliographic data of each item, however, is managed together in Wikidata.