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Nikos Likomitros
Nikos Likomitros
Share the free knowledge. Let us make a contribution in the greatest team project in history, a work to liberate people from the darkness.

About me

I am a history student in Athens, widely interested in Wikipedia, politics, history, geography with aspirations for becoming a university professor. Deeply interested in social subjects and the Wikimedia movement. I am an active participant of the students' movement in Greece, participating in protests and electoral processes inside the university. My other hobbies include photography, reading, and walking. I am also an admin in Greek Wikipedia (verify), although I think that it's rather responsibilities than rights that you get if you become an admin. Linguistic skills: Native language Greek, English as semi-native language, basic German and a few grasp, although learning now, of Russian.

My work

I love to write in Greek and other Wikipedias. I also participate in WMUG Greece as a member, and try to promote Wikipedia. I also work for the betterment of Greek Wikipedia by organising meetups, improving pages, and helping the users to find their path on the project. I have wrote 7,600 articles in Greek, some fifty in English, I edit Wikimedia Commons and add photos there, also doing some patrolling work from time to time in other Wikipedias. I am heavily interested on Wikipedia statistics. I have a dream: To see the developing world's Wikipedias in par with the ones of the developed world. So I collaborate for this with Wikipedians from abroad. For the history, I began to contribute in 2013 in Greek (when I was nine years old), but only periodically until November 2016, when I pernamently began to contribute there. For the next 12 months I have a target to buy my first camera to upload better photos for Wikimedia Commons (phone takes some good photos but camera works better in terms of quality) and organise my first Wikipedia offline activity. In 2018 I had worked a lot in Translatewiki and translated more than 12,000 messages, although now I rarely contributed. I am also involved in the CEE Youth Group and now I do research and work for new projects of Greek Wikispace.

Contact me

  • E-mail:, (use any of the two, however the latter is the most used, and that registered with my account, so I look the latter more)
  • Meta: NikosLikomitros
  • Greek Wikipedia: NikosLikomitros
  • English Wikipedia: NikosLikomitros
  • Commons Wikipedia: NikosLikomitros
  • Telegram:


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