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My name is Nkansah N. Rexford. I live Koforidua, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. If you want to know what's most important to me, you could start nkansahrexford's website.

I however strive to keep my edits on Wiki projects very resourceful and informative whiles keeping my edits much neutral and simple to help readers grasp the full length and height and width of each article under consideration. Have recently created a new ranking system on Wikimedia and do check the ranking page to read more and find your status on Wikimedia. Think of anyways to help, do well to flood my talk page with your comments. Thanks

My Goals[edit]

One major goal on my heart is to be able to spearhead the establishment of the Wikimedia Chapter in Ghana. There are lots of knowledge and free content in Ghana, and by so doing, it will create the platform for information sharing to be effective and very open. I wish to take this stance to invite all interested Ghanaians who will love to propel this organization to its highest peak to come on board and lets work on things together. What you join with is not what matters. Rather, how much impact you effect on the foundation is what matters. Do invite your friends too to come along.

In addition, I wish to take the stand of helping make the Akan Wiki page a success by contributing all I can at least daily. I'm still learning on how to gain access to certain restricted pages. My intervention, I guess, and believe, will spur many Ghanaians who probably may not have heard or don't know about this greatest opportunity open for us to get our language also rub shoulders with the international world. Hope to be able to help make the Twi wiki a better one.

What I love doing[edit]

I love editing contents on Wikipedia and their other sister projects. Wish to use the little knowledge I have in furtherance of other sister projects online for my and our own benefits. I really have benefited much from the Wikimedia Foundation, ranging from their projects like Wikipedia to even Wikitionary. They've really helped me in my studies all this while. And its time for me to give a bit of what I have, in terms of experience and knowledge, and finances (if money comes), in return the most I can.

I love computer programming, creating 3D animations using Blender 3D, and making websites for individuals and corporate bodies if i'm contracted. I'm into Java programming since its the next generation programming language. I create a lot of 3D images and sometimes animations of things around me and stuffs like that. As for websites, I enjoy using the simple notepad++ in creating them, nice pages of course.