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LOLs of Wikimedia

Ge Morje!

I am Nw520 but if there's ever the need to speak that out please feel free to abbreviate that to “Nasi” [ˈnaːzɪ].

My most active wiki would be Wikidata Favicon color.svg Wikidata. From time to time you can also find me on Wikivoyage favicon.svg Wikivoyage DE, Wikimedia Commons favicon.png Commons and Wikipedia-logo-v2-no-text.svg Wikipedia DE, as well as Openstreetmap logo.svg OpenStreetMap (Wiki).
A special concern of my participation in the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation and the OpenStreetMap is to link data between each project in the best possible way.

In Wikidata I mainly add membership relations, German governmental organizations and awards. Or in short: Things that look impressive in a SPARQL graph. Except inverse properties - with each new one, a part of me dies.

Thematic focuses[edit]

Wikidata Favicon color.svg Wikidata[edit]

Wikipedia-logo-v2-no-text.svg Wikipedia[edit]

  • no active participation, now and then only typo correction and sighting

Wikivoyage favicon.svg Wikivoyage[edit]

  • maintenance tasks

My projects[edit]


  • Rsolver Font Awesome 5 brands gitlab.svg (Wikidata Favicon color.svg). Tool for automatically resolving Wikidata entity ids from a given list of search queries. Usable and more or less finished but there are still some features I'd like to implement.
  • VoyageData.js (Gadget, deWikivoyage favicon.svg). Assistant for finding possibly corresponding Wikidata entities for vCards/Markers.
  • vCaTA.js (Gadget, deWikivoyage favicon.svg). Gadget for displaying vCard-types. Just a QOL improvement.
  • StraightToCommons.js (Gadget)
  • WikidataOnOsm.js (Gadget)
  • WikidataUtils.js (Gadget)

Maybe usable? Probably rather not[edit]

  • vCard-Assistant Font Awesome 5 brands gitlab.svg (Openstreetmap logo.svg Wikidata Favicon color.svg). On hiatus (core functionality implemented and ready to be tested — awaiting some changes to OOUI.js): New vCard-Assistant ("listing editor") for (currently only German) Wikivoyage using OOUI for mobile support.
  • EntityCompare Font Awesome 5 brands gitlab.svg (Wikidata Favicon color.svg). In development. Tabular view of Wikidata entities. Overlaps with TABernacle but is intended to focus on displaying and comparing data (or its absence) rather than editing.
  • Pain for Wikidata Font Awesome 5 brands gitlab.svg (Wikidata Favicon color.svg). Private-ish thingy. If QuickStatements just don't cut it
  • Ubiquitous Wikidata Font Awesome 5 brands gitlab.svg (Openstreetmap logo.svg Wikidata Favicon color.svg). Dead: Tool for viewing Wikidata entities which are connected to OpenStreetMap or which are not.
    • WikiOSMerged Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg (Openstreetmap logo.svg Wikidata Favicon color.svg). Dead: Will be merged into Ubiquitous Wikidata
    • IntertwinedMap Font Awesome 5 brands gitlab.svg (Openstreetmap logo.svg Wikidata Favicon color.svg Wikimedia Commons favicon.png). Dead: Might be merged into Ubiquitous Wikidata. OpenStreetMap-based map with integration of Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons.

Link collection[edit]

Wikivoyage favicon.svg VOY Wikivoyage[edit]


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  • insource:/\{\{Ausfahrt\|[^|]*?[0-9]+[^|]*?\}\}/ Zahl im ersten Parameter der Vorlage Ausfahrt. ⇒ Ausfahrtnummer in zweiten Parameter setzen.
  • insource:/url[^|}]*facebook\.com/ Facebook als URL. ⇒ Besser |facebook= setzen.
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