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Project Name[edit]



The project is to introduce Wikimedia in secondary school education in FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. I want to get the Education Department of the Ministry of Federal Capital Territory Abuja, being the agency responsible for secondary education in Abuja, to adopt Wikimedia projects as an education resources for secondary schools. I also want to get teachers in some select and influential schools within Abuja to adopt and begin to use Wikimedia in teaching secondary schools in Abuja. Nigeria accepted Sustainable Development Goal 4. Nigerian has in different policy pronouncement encouraged the use of Open Education Resources. Indeed the National University Commission kept encouraging lecturers to be publishing their works as open resources. Many lecturers rejected this expecting to earn income from their published works.

Added to the lack of OER books in secondary schools is the fact that many schools do not have updated libraries. The schools that have libraries stock mostly physical book many of which are out-dated. They do not usually have online resources in the library. Consequently while the school authorities wish to fulfil the requirements of SDG 4, there is challenge on availability of resources. This gap is what I believe that the Wikimedia foundation can fill. If we can convince the Abuja education authorities that wikemedia, being the largest OER in the world, will fill the gap on availability of resources and that it will not be difficult or expensive to adopt it, we would have achieved helping schools in Abuja meet up with SDG 4 will improving contents in Wikimedia, increasing editors and expanding its readership.

The Role of Wiki in Education[edit]

Education as a process of change helps one to acquire knowledge, skills and values through learning. Wikimedia also provides knowledge and improves learning. Through the use of digital technology, wikimedia makes learning even faster. Educators need to appreciate the value of having contributors from all over the world and the necessary checks that is in place to guarantee the quality of the content. Their appreciation of the internal processes, norms and value of Wikimedia will help its adoption as an OER schools.

Target Audience:[edit]

Teachers of some Secondary schools in Abuja will be used.t knowledge and the quality of education available to students.

Existing problems and challenges[edit]

  • Many of the schools do not have textbooks and other educational resources for teachers and students.
  • There are no OER available to teachers and students.
  • The Education authorities wish to meet up the SDG 4 but are challenged by a number of factors including availability of materials, provision of digital

resources etc

  • Education is still not free. Many students may not have the finances to buy the required materials
  • There are no online resources and no digital tools
  • All these challenges have reduced capacity of teacher to impact knowledge and the quality of education available to students.

Possible solutions to be provided by the project[edit]

  • Get the education authority in FCT understand the huge resources available in Wikimedia
  • Get them understand how resources are built in Wikimedia which assures of the quality of content
  • Get the school authorities also understand Wikimedia
  • Help the teacher in research works.
  • Help the authorities meet up with SDG 4 requirement of OER, digital education and equal education for all
  • Improve the teaching and learning in the schools
  • Get more people to be Wikimedia editors and increase the body of knowledge

Wiki Projects to be used[edit]

  • Wikipedia
  • Wiki commons
  • Wikidata

Project Goal[edit]

  • Convince the school administrators on the values of Wikimedia
  • Get the school administrators and school authorities to adopt Wikimedia as the formal OER resources for secondary schools in Abuja
  • Get Wikimedia to provide some infrastructure as may be possible to prompt the authorities to do their own part
  • Get the school administrators and authorities to provide the minimal infrastructure that may be required to use Wikimedia in the class rooms in Abuja
  • Recruit some secondary school teachers as editors
  • Get all the relevant people to learn the basic concept of open source and other Wikimedia principles and values
  • Get the teachers to start using Wikimedia in the classroom
  • Create awareness of Wikimedia in their various schools in Abuja
  • Get more wikimedia participation in schools including teachers and students

Project Impact[edit]

  • Schools administrators in Abuja will accept Wikimedia as their official OER for secondary schools in Abuja
  • School authorities and teachers would accept Wikimedia to teaching in secondary schools
  • Monthly workshops/seminars/edit a thon to be organised in various schools
  • Contest also to be done in the programmes
  • Over 30 teachers would have been trained at the end of the project on how to use wiki project in the class
  • 10 schools to start using Wikimedia in the classroom
  • New articles to be added in Wikipedia, common, wikidata and Wiktionary using different languages
  • Teachers to train their students on Wikimedia. They will also be encouraged to join user groups

Problem Tree Analysis[edit]

Here is the link to my problem tree and problem tree analysis.

Logic Model[edit]

Objectives Activities Impact
Creating awareness among education authorities on the importance of Wikimedia , mission and vision

• Organize an awareness training for Educational authorities on the importance of Wikimedia, mission and vision

• Organize an awareness training for teachers on the importance of Wikimedia, mission and vision

• Organize an awareness training for students and communities on the importance of Wikimedia, mission and vision through social media, media houses and offline.

• School authorities integrate Wikimedia OER In their teaching and learning

• Government improves access to education by adopting OER as key component of SDG 4

Improve digital literacy among teachers and student

• Organize digital literacy training for education authorities on how Wiki contents are created.

• Organize digital literacy training for teachers on technical skills that will enhance teaching and learning.

• Organize digital literacy training for student on information sourcing, content creation, experience sharing and collaboration.

• Teachers and students uses Wikimedia , OER to improve in learning and teaching experience

• Digital interactions gives voice to the most quiet child in class , children with disability

• Creates room for distance, collaborative learning and development of problem solving initiative.

• Free access of quality online information made available by Wikimedia

Encourage government and education authorities to provide digital infrastructure & OER resources for learning

• lobby government to provide and upgrade digital infrastructure

• Raise funds to provide digital infrastructure

• lobby government to adopt OER resources for learning

• Digital infrastructure creates room for better digital learning

• it encourage interaction and collaborations among students and teachers

• It encourages sustainable development goals

Provide alternative power supply • lobby government and educational authorities to provide alternative power supply

• in kind – donation of used laptops , computers and power generating sets

• encourage students to use offline OER Apps for study

• Organize offline teaching

• Improve power supply

• Improve learning outcome

• Creates conducive learning environment



  • Myself
  • User group Nigeria
  • Experience Wiki editors
  • Interested Teachers
  • The school
  • The language User Groups (Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba User group)


  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • School Administrators
  • Ministry of Education
  • Quality Assurance Sector
  • Parents
  • Curriculum Development Sector
  • School Based Management Board
  • OER Community
  • Students
  • Parents Teachers Association
  • Media
  • Local Communities

Power Matrix[edit]

power matrix
  • User group in Nigeria has the potential to improve wiki OER in schools if educational authorities and stakeholders invited them to take action.
  • Experienced wiki editors has the potential of improving the quality and availability of OER by providing OER content should ministry of education embrace OER in education sector.
  • Igbo, hausa and yoruba Wikimedia user group has the potential of providing OER content in Igbo, hausa and yoruba Language education should OER becomes adopted in national curriculum.
  • Teachers can carry out research, can contribute educational content in form of OER and engage their students on how to use OER in learning and teaching.
  • Parents can either encourage their children to use OER as an additional learning resources or discourage them from using it.
  • Curriculum development department can promote OER by designing OER curriculum for teaching and learning.

Media firms reports on O E R programs will help in monitoring and reporting of O E R development and impacts on edu

  • Ministry of education can defend the use of OER by adopting and directing the school authorities to use OER for teaching and learning
  • Wikimedia foundation can provides educational resources on OER and grant to stakeholders to organize and implement program on OER .
  • HR/ VOLUNTEERS: HR and volunteers can defend OER because they have competencies in O E R
  • Schools can provide venue or facilities that allows OER for teaching and learning to take place
  • O E R COMMUNITY : O E R users in the community can defend O E R by providing the skills, knowledge , resources space and facility that encourages O E R for learning and community improvement
  • Local community can support O E R by providing community resources for O E R education

Stakeholders Engagement Plan[edit]

Stakeholder Type Contact Interest/ Power Strategy Communicate Action
Me Individual Leader Available Promoter! I am very passionate to begin this project based on my interest and competency Engage available Use my existing Wikipedia user group and find out contacts within the community
Wikimedia project coordinators designated individuals

or group(s)

through Wikipedia user group, Schools

Cyber Cafes, workshop, in- House

Promoters. Teachers , parents , school heads who has a demonstrated interest in engaging in WP O E R Engage via Schools, community , students channels Find out teachers, wiki users who has a strong interest in WP OER
HR department, volunteers, private sectors that support O E R HR, Volunteers & private sector School certificate holders, media houses, tech editors, social media channels

HR coordinators

Defenders. Ministry of education , school premises and Wikimedia foundation and donors on educations many

Latents. HR and volunteers frequently host workshops for OE R. with promotional materials & information .


(low level) Communicate (high level)


(low level) Communicate (high level)

Locate and partner with ministry of edu, NGOS ,Donors

Locate individuals in the public have graduated from secondary institutions

(current) postsecondary educators public sector employees faculty union/professional organization leaders (mostly) Apathetic. Current postsecondary educators are busy but yet to embrace Wikipedia, O E R . Monitor the occasional Twitter or Facebook post Nothing at this point. Keep an eye out for conference presentations related to school improvement.


Step 1: Define the time frame of the project you are working on. When will my project start and end? -- Start date 4 April 2020 to 17 October 2020

Step 2: Identify the activities you will conduct in the planning, development, and evaluation stages of your project. What activities do I plan to conduct to reach my objectives? - Research, forming a 5 man team, Structure a plan to launch, monitor & evaluate the project, Visit the schools and invite teachers that will participate in the project, reach out to media, social media, personal networking, Develop training materials. Host & cultivate an online and offline community. Develop a presence within WP. Monitor and Evaluate the project & publish the results.

Step 3: Brainstorm a list of expenses for each of these activities. What things and services will I need to purchase to conduct my project from start to end? - expenses may include: advertising, development of training materials, renting of digital tools(projector, camera,etc) travel expenses.

Items description Activities unit cost No of Unit Total Unit Cost [Naira] Total Unit Cost [$]
Publicity Media / Advert material Designing rollup banner [contractor] Designing and printing 50,000 3 150,000 375
Production of registration materials and stationery For participants attendants documentation Designing and printing


2,650 30 79,500 198.75
Printing of certificates after the training Proof or evidence of participation Designing and printing


3500 30 105,000 262.5
Media coverage Television , Radio coverage Media contractor 50,000 4 200,000 500
Photograph Photo books photography 80,000 1 80,000 200
Total for Publicity 614,500 1,536.25
Foods and drinks Teachers food and drinks Food and drinks[ contractor] 2500 6x2500x30 450,000 1,125
Transportation of participating Teachers Transport to training venue Transportation 2000 2000x6x30 360,000 900
Travels Transportation Project coordinator’s travels to schools in Abuja Transportation 5000 5000x10 125,000 312.5
Travel /transportation Transportation of facilitators and volunteers Transportation 20,000 20000x6x5 600,000 1,500
Monitoring and evaluation travels travels Transportation 5000 5000x6x5 150,000 375
Total Travel 1,685,000 4,212.5
Equipment Hiring of projectors 10,000 10,000*6 60,000 150
Projector screen Projector board for visual display 7000 7000 *6 42,000 105
venue Event space 50,000 50,000 *6 300,000 750
Internet subscription Internet services 20,000 20,000x6 120,000 300
Project Internet Internet 35,000 35,000
evaluation reporting subscription
Total logistics 557,000 1,392.5
Training kits Burning of wiki softcopies training module into Cds [wiki commons, wikidata and Wikipedia] 2000 2000*3*30 180,000 450
Project management 200,000 500
Total of logistics, training kits and project management 937,000 2,342.5
Contingency [10%] 323,650 809.125
Grant Total 3,560,150 8,900.375

Monitoring Plan[edit]

Creating awareness among education authorities on the importance of Wikimedia , mission and vision Number of school administrators in Abuja that accept Wikimedia as their official OER for secondary schools in Abuja Survey, interview, direct visit Quarterly visits, monthly coordinator
Improve digital literacy among teachers and student *Number School authorities and teachers who have accepted Wikimedia for teaching in secondary schools
  • Number of Teachers and students who uses Wikimedia , OER to improve in learning and teaching experience
  • Number of Digital interactions, information exchange among teachers and students
  • Number of subject completed by teachers and students in Wikimedia OER
Survey, interview, direct visit Quarterly visits, monthly Monitoring evaluation officer

Evaluation Plan[edit]

Logic model Evaluation questions Indicators of success Data collection methods When

(Long term impact)

Government created enabling environment that favours digital learning

Q1 To what extent does government provide enabling environment that promotes digital learning?

Q2 Have government been giving money consistently to provide digital infrastructure in secondary schools?

Three years from now, Nigerian government budget should make provision for digital infrastructures in secondary schools in Abuja?

The policy on Education in FCT should include the introduction and use of digital learning?

Surveys, interviews, Reports, publications by schools After the end of project

2 to 4 years

Impact: School administrators ,Teachers and students in Abuja will accept Wikimedia as their official OER for secondary schools in Abuja Q1: Has the rate of growth among teachers who use Wikipedia increased?

Q2 : What is the number of teachers that have started using Wikimedia as OER.

Number of Administrators that encourage thier teachers and students to use Wiki as their OER. Personal visit, Questionnaires


After [6 months ] of the project

Objectives: a growing Wikipedia digital learning community of teachers and student Q1: how many teachers from different schools have started using Wiki in the classroom?

Q2: how many teachers and students have joined as editors and are contributing contents?

After one year, 30% of the schools in Abuja have started using Wiki in the classroom.

100 students and teachers have joined the Wiki family as editors and are contributing.

Surveys, report from school Administrators After the end of project

1,2 years

Advocacy Message[edit]

Audience for this message : Education Authorities and School Administrators

Elements Messages
Statement: Central idea, importance Using Wikimedia in the classroom, road to achieving sustainable goal 4 and improving digital literacy skills in the 21st century.
Evidence: facts and figures to support statement SDG4 requires that every country should adopt OER and introduce digital literacy . Wikimedia mission and vision includes these.
Example: sample messenger and message for the statement Largely schools in the UK and US use Wikimedia projects and are creating changes in the world. With just a little training you can enjoy the stimulation and satisfaction of adding to the world's knowledge with Wikipedia.
Action desired: intended action taken as a result of the above Government can do a policy that all secondary school in Abuja should include Wikimedia projects as an OER and with the help of School administrators encourage teachers to use Wiki in the classroom.