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Wikimedians Greenhouse Education Project

Gain Wikipedia Editing Skills and Become a Wikipedia Editor

This is a two day workshop for lecturers at Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Anambra State, which will take place on August, 2020. This is designed to motivate knowledgeable individuals to contribute to Wikipedia (for a start) and to build a local community of Wikipedians. There are 1,452 articles in Igbo Wiki as at 30 March, 2020. We have up to 1000 volunteers/contributors but less than 50 are active. They're not contributing. We intend to close the gap between the articles and the volunteers and in the same time solve the problem of low participation of Igbo language lecturers and students in the use of Igbo Wikipedia as an online educational resource and creation of contents in Igbo Wikipedia platform in Nigeria.

How This Project Adds Value to the Community

This project supports the global goals for education (SDG 4) and the wikimedia strategic direction by ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education that promote lifelong learning opportunities and skills that all learners acquire the knowledge needed to promote sustainable development and sustainable human development through the provision of Open Educational Resources (OER) infrastructures, promotion of a cultural diversity and it's contribution to sustainable development. This is an opportunity to teach students essential 21st century skills that most will use in their careers and personal lives. Wikipedia is a valuable public resource, and in a classroom environment, students learn how to contribute to it and how to use it properly.

At the end of this project there will be : An increase in the content in Igbo Wikipedia Improve existing content in Igbo Wikipedia An increase number of lecturers and students editing Igbo Wikipedia An increase awareness of Wikimedia and it's sister’s projects

Problem TreeEdit

Logic ModelEdit

Outputs: what you do and what you create and who you reach Outcomes: changes in learning, actions, or conditions

Monitoring PlanEdit

Evaluation PlanEdit Main Purpose (Why): To determine if the course as developed is effective in meeting its goals. Stakeholders to Share With (Who): Igbo Language lecturers, Igbo students and Wikimedia Community (along with other course material) Stakeholders Stakeholder Engagement Plan


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