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Oral Ofori is the name, I was born in Ghana; a country on the West coast of [Africa] once colonized by the [British] and formerly called the [Gold Coast] by them for its vast gold reserves. Just so you know, the word [Ghana] means Warrior King, from which I personally derive this resilience about my character that makes me rise to the occasion even in the face of adversities. I've been living and working in the United States of America (USA) since 2007. I have mainly lived around Maryland, Virginia, [Washington DC], [Pennsylvania], the Northern Carolina areas, Delaware, the New York and Connecticut areas of the USA and where ever life or work takes me.

My Family & Work


Back home in Ghana, I have both younger and older siblings and a bunch of nieces and nephews. I do a lot of writing; I blog and also write poetry as a pastime whenever I get the opportunity. I finished an internship with the [VOA] in 2007 after I studied with the London School of Journalism. Today I occasionally produce and appear as a guest panel on some VOA radio programs that have Africa as a major theme, I also do freelance jingles and voices, am a freelance Social Media Specialist, Publicist and TV presenter. If you've gotten the time, kindly read my blog at www.OralOfori.com and feel free to share your opinion as well.

What I love doing


As the Wikimedia Ghana User group (Public Relations Officer) PRO, I am actively involved in bringing out the awareness of the organization to the general public in Ghana and worldwide. I am honored to be serving at such a position and it is really great supporting this upcoming Wikimedia Local Chapter.

Reading happens to be one of my hobbies and my favorite reads include DECEPTION POINT and DAVINCI CODE/Dan Brown and THE LAST JUROR/John Grisham. I also love Chinua Achebe; one of the greatest writers to have come out of Africa. When it comes to music I go crazy, which is obvious since I have an eclectic choice on my iPod which I carry on me. I also love the scrabble board game and I can really be vicious if let lose during play, so before you start to think you could beat me at it, you should try it first!

I neither smoke nor drink and am not judgmental of people who do. Why yes, I have a keen sense of spirituality... and pray fervently. I am looking forward to making more of your readership and personal acquaintance so if you are interested in the work I churn out, kindly keep in touch and let me know you better. You can also find out more about Oral Ofori in the link below.

[Oral Ofori]