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Name - Urda Florin Ovidiu

Location - România , Timişoara.

Born - 21.09.1973

My yahoo messenger is crazy4xxx

My mail is

Irc channel wikipedia - (6667)

I am a Wikimedian since June 2006.I love computers and I want to help the world change.I want to help the world evolve as George Soros said "encouraging transitional and emerging nations to become 'open societies,' open not only in the sense of freedom of commerce but - more important - tolerant of new ideas and different modes of thinking and behavior".I want to help people to get more educated by translating and creating wikipedia web pages.I think all people have to have equal chances for education.And I encourage projects like Hundred dollar laptop.I agree with the idea of Nicholas Negroponte that if you want a better society it is a huge necesity for education .I am quoting him “ ... if you take any world problem, any issue on the planet—the big ones, peace, the environment, poverty—the solution to that problem certainly includes education, could even be just education, and, if you have a solution that doesn’t include education it's not a solution at all.” ―Nicholas Negroponte.