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Round 1[edit]

I started my 100wikidays challenge on 15 January 2017, coinciding with the 16th birthday of Wikipedia.

Most of my new articles on the German Wikipedia qualify for two community activities, the WikiCup 2017 and/or the Asien-Marathon 2017-02. My articles were based on translations at least partly, except for those listed in light green which were completely "original research" articles.

Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus, Lauerz
Natur- und Tierpark Goldau
Marie-Theres Nadig
Luzerner Fasnacht
Adrianne Wadewitz
HR Giger Museum
Rathaus (Schwyz)
St. Michaelskapelle (Rigi Kaltbad)
Day Date Article Language Wikidata item
001 15 January Wikidata, the Wikimedia knowledge base Alemannic d:Q2013
002 16 January Wikivoyage, the Wikimedia travel guide Alemannic d:Q373
003 17 January Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States Alemannic d:Q23685
004 18 January George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States Alemannic d:Q23505
005 19 January Der Kongress der Pinguine, a Swiss documentary film German d:Q5261173
006 20 January Ur-Musig, a Swiss documentary film German d:Q28464756
007 21 January Greiflet, local winter tradition of Central Switzerland German d:Q28474803
008 22 January Jacques Kuhn, Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist, recently deceased German d:Q28166148
009 23 January Clare Hollingworth, British journalist, recently deceased German d:Q1113742
010 24 January Bistum Chur, a Roman-Catholic diocese in Switzerland Alemannic d:Q681120
011 25 January Bistum Lausanne, Genf und Freiburg, a Roman-Catholic diocese in Switzerland Alemannic d:Q673563
012 26 January Bistum Lugano, a Roman-Catholic diocese in Switzerland Alemannic d:Q542354
013 27 January Bistum Sitten, a Roman-Catholic diocese in Switzerland Alemannic d:Q869930
014 28 January Abtei Saint-Maurice, a Roman-Catholic abbey in Switzerland Alemannic d:Q334174
015 29 January Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus (Lauerz), a Roman-Catholic parish church in Switzerland German d:Q28549883
016 30 January Museum of the Swiss Charters of Confederation, a history museum in Switzerland English d:Q1005863
017 31 January Natur- und Tierpark Goldau, a zoo or animal park in Switzerland English d:Q1320084
018 01 February Yongpyong Ski Resort, a ski resort in South Korea German d:Q485409
019 02 February Alpensia Resort, a ski resort in South Korea German d:Q498303
020 03 February Gangneung Hockey Centre, an ice hockey arena in South Korea German d:Q7885767
021 04 February Gangneung Ice Arena, an ice sports arena in South Korea German d:Q5624072
022 05 February Jeongseon Alpine Centre, a skiing venue in South Korea German d:Q3190014
023 06 February Skifahren, the recreational activity using skis Alemannic d:Q130949
024 07 February Bernhard Russi, Swiss alpine skier, World and Olympic champion Alemannic d:Q510924
025 08 February Marie-Theres Nadig, Swiss alpine skier, World and Olympic champion Alemannic d:Q236624
026 09 February Erika Hess, Swiss alpine skier, World champion Alemannic d:Q1962
027 10 February Maria Walliser, Swiss alpine skier, World champion Alemannic d:Q1984
028 11 February Peter Müller, Swiss alpine skier, World champion Alemannic d:Q246360
029 12 February Vreni Schneider, Swiss alpine skier, World and Olympic champion Alemannic d:Q1958
030 13 February Petra Steimen-Rickenbacher, Swiss politician, member of a cantonal executive German d:Q28771618
031 14 February André Rüegsegger, Swiss politician, member of a cantonal executive German d:Q16526913
032 15 February Michael Stähli, Swiss politician, member of a cantonal executive German d:Q28784134
033 16 February René Bünter, Swiss politician, member of a cantonal executive German d:Q28791098
034 17 February Landammann, a political office in some Swiss cantons Alemannic d:Q667579
035 18 February Byeonhan, ancient Korean confederacy German d:Q1378584
036 19 February Späte drei Reiche Koreas, period in Korean history German d:Q698268
037 20 February Gwanggaeto, king of the Goguryeo dynasty in Korea German d:Q498791
038 21 February Hildegard (Alemannin), queen consort of Charlemagne Alemannic d:Q234410
039 22 February Konrad III. (HRR), medieval king of Germany Alemannic d:Q157133
040 23 February Narr, historical entertainer in medieval Europe Alemannic d:Q215548
041 24 February Narrenmesse, a Roman-Catholic Mass in the carnival season Alemannic d:Q14549021
042 25 February Luzerner Fasnacht, annual carnival held in Lucerne, Switzerland Alemannic d:Q35444
043 26 February Rabadan, annual carnival held in Bellinzona, Switzerland German d:Q3928457
044 27 February Dominic Deville, Swiss entertainer and comedy show host German d:Q28851909
045 28 February Schnabelweid, a radio programme about Swiss German dialects Alemannic d:Q28861122
046 01 March Centre-Val de Loire, a French region Alemannic d:Q13947
047 02 March Île-de-France, a French region Alemannic d:Q13917
048 03 March Pays de la Loire, a French region Alemannic d:Q16994
049 04 March Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, a French region Alemannic d:Q15104
050 05 March Französisch-Guayana, a French overseas region Alemannic d:Q3769
051 06 March SuisseMobile, network for non-motorized traffic in Switzerland French d:Q2255838
052 07 March Exposition nationale suisse de 1939, national exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland French d:Q19721109
053 08 March Adrianne Wadewitz, American scholar, educator and Wikipedian German d:Q16438247
054 09 March Abruzzen, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1284
055 10 March Apulien, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1447
056 11 March Basilikata, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1452
057 12 March Emilia-Romagna, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1263
058 13 March Friaul-Julisch Venetien, an Italian autonomous region Alemannic d:Q1250
059 14 March Ligurien, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1256
060 15 March Marken, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1279
061 16 March Molise, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1443
062 17 March Trentino-Südtirol, an autonomous Italian region Alemannic d:Q1237
063 18 March Venetien, an Italian region Alemannic d:Q1243
064 19 March Autonome Region Sizilien, an autonomous Italian region Alemannic d:Q1460
065 20 March Hölloch, a cave system in Switzerland Italian d:Q689423
066 21 March Museo nazionale di Zurigo, national museum in Zurich, Switzerland Italian d:Q691896
067 22 March Artemis und der Hirsch, a classical Roman bronze sculpture German d:Q4797478
068 23 March Theatrum pictorium, a catalogue of engravings based on a collection of paintings German d:Q26709924
069 24 March Die Musikstunde (Vermeer), a painting by Jan Vermeer German d:Q2336984
070 25 March Queensland Art Gallery, an art museum in Australia German d:Q7270900
071 26 March Pérez Art Museum Miami, an art museum in the United States German d:Q3026874
072 27 March Espace Jean-Tinguely–Niki-de-Saint-Phalle, an art museum in Switzerland German d:Q19951018
073 28 March Museum für Kunst und Geschichte Freiburg, an art and history museum in Switzerland German d:Q3329616
074 29 March HR Giger Museum, an art and design museum in Switzerland German d:Q29051323
075 30 March Fondation de l’Hermitage, an art museum in Switzerland German d:Q3075622
076 31 March Römisches Museum Lausanne-Vidy, an archaeological museum in Switzerland German d:Q3330776
077 01 April Staatsarchiv des Kantons Schwyz, an archive in Switzerland German d:Q14848094
078 02 April Historischer Verein des Kantons Schwyz, a historical society in Switzerland German d:Q29109374
079 03 April Gesslerburg, an old castle in Switzerland German d:Q5553647
080 04 April Archivturm (Schwyz), an old tower in Switzerland German d:Q29167262
081 05 April Rathaus (Schwyz), a council hall in Switzerland German d:Q29169125
082 06 April Martin Marty, a Swiss bishop and missionary in the United States German d:Q6776130
083 07 April Force Publique, military unit of the Belgian Congo German d:Q1002820
084 08 April Anglo-ägyptische Darfurexpedition, military operation by the British Empire and Egypt German d:Q16146801
085 09 April Irakischer Aufstand 1920, revolt in Iraq against the British Mandate German d:Q616851
086 10 April Arabischer Winter, violence and instability evolving in the aftermath of the Arab Spring German d:Q17512479
087 11 April Zaid ibn Hāritha, a companion and adoptive son of the prophet Muhammad German d:Q34418
088 12 April Symbole des Islams, the symbols of Islam German d:Q4118018
089 13 April Schwarze Hebräer, an African-American religious group German d:Q2415143
090 14 April Kloster St. Avgin, a Syriac Orthodox monastery in Switzerland German d:Q29403822
091 15 April Pfarrkirche St. Martin (Schwyz), a Roman-Catholic parish church in Switzerland German d:Q29414199
092 16 April Pfarrkirche St. Peter & Paul (Küssnacht), a Catholic parish church in Switzerland German d:Q29436000
093 17 April St. Michaelskapelle (Rigi Kaltbad), a Roman-Catholic chapel in Switzerland German d:Q29474397
094 18 April Godehard vo Hildesheim, a German medieval abbot, bishop and saint Bavarian d:Q61914
095 19 April Pass de San Gotard, a mountain pass in Switzerland Lombard d:Q25233
096 20 April Galeria del San Gotard, a railway tunnel in Switzerland Lombard d:Q688618
097 21 April Galeria stradal del San Gotard, a road tunnel in Switzerland Lombard d:Q684927
098 22 April Galeria da bas del San Gotard, a railway tunnel in Switzerland Lombard d:Q193002
099 23 April Pizzo Centrale, a mountain in Switzerland Alemannic d:Q691668
100 24 April Rila, a mountain range in Bulgaria Alemannic d:Q191795

Round 2[edit]

My second 100wikidays challenge started on Christmas Eve 2020. It was dedicated to the 20th birthday of Wikipedia in 2021. I chose to produce new articles on the Alemannic Wikipedia only in order to support a small project, on which many prominent topics have still been missing and whose community has become significantly less productive in 2020: no writing contest was held and there were no candidates for featured article.

Weihnachtsstern (Pflanze)
Maria Sibylla Merian
Schloss Neuschwanstein
Machu Picchu
Anne Frank
Day Date Article Wikidata item
001 24 December Adam und Eva, first man and woman according to the Bible d:Q58701
002 25 December A Christmas Carol, Christmas novel by Charles Dickens d:Q62879
003 26 December Weihnachtsstern (Pflanze), species of plant named after Christmas d:Q208253
004 27 December Adele (Sängerin), British pop singer d:Q23215
005 28 December Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese association football player d:Q11571
006 29 December Nueva Helvecia, city in Uruguay with Swiss heritage d:Q999572
007 30 December Arktis, polar region on the Earth's northern hemisphere d:Q25322
008 31 December Dinner for One, TV comedy sketch aired on New Year's Eve d:Q1226593
009 01 January Vierschanzentournee, ski jumping competition in Germany and Austria d:Q157087
010 02 January Sternsinger, carol-singing tradition around Christmas and Epiphany d:Q2346047
011 03 January Jennifer Lawrence, American actress d:Q189490
012 04 January Ampere, SI unit of electric current d:Q25272
013 05 January Kölner Dom, Roman-Catholic cathedral in Cologne, Germany d:Q4176
014 06 January Heilige Drei Könige, biblical magi who visited Jesus after his birth d:Q51671
015 07 January Spaghetti, type of Italian pasta d:Q20026
016 08 January Zoo, park or garden for wild animal species d:Q43501
017 09 January Silvretta, mountain range in the Alps d:Q123180
018 10 January Granit Xhaka, Swiss association football player d:Q514427
019 11 January Dora Baltea, river in the Italian Alps d:Q675028
020 12 January Null, integer number d:Q204
021 13 January Eidgenössisches Jodlerfest, Swiss yodelling festival d:Q15621525
022 14 January Steffi Graf, German tennis player, Olympic champion d:Q11662
023 15 January Lexikon, type of reference work d:Q18168594
024 16 January Yeti, cryptid, mythical snowman of Tibet d:Q129628
025 17 January Leonhart Fuchs, German physician and botanist d:Q60756
026 18 January Kobe Bryant, American basketball player, Olympic champion d:Q25369
027 19 January Monroe (Wisconsin), city in the United States with Swiss heritage d:Q1006179
028 20 January Liste der Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten, list of presidents d:Q35073
029 21 January Eleanor Roosevelt, American activist, politician and diplomat d:Q83396
030 22 January Lego, Danish company producing toys d:Q1063455
031 23 January Immensee, village in Switzerland d:Q484512
032 24 January Bertha von Suttner, Austrian novelist and pacifist, Nobel Prize laureate d:Q18456
033 25 January Chablais, geographic region in France and Switzerland d:Q869650
034 26 January Uluru, sandstone rock formation and sacred site in Australia d:Q33910
035 27 January Regina Jonas, German woman rabbi, died in the Holocaust d:Q63517
036 28 January Luftschiff, powered lighter-than-air aircraft d:Q133585
037 29 January Blauwal, species of marine mammal, largest animal d:Q42196
038 30 January Iller, river in Germany d:Q159467
039 31 January Urheberrecht, right to copy an intellectual property d:Q1297822
040 01 February Werner Heisenberg, German theoretical physician, Nobel Prize laureate d:Q40904
041 02 February Bistum Feldkirch, Roman-Catholic diocese in Austria d:Q701829
042 03 February Jurassic Park, American science fiction and adventure film d:Q167726
043 04 February Königin Ester, biblical queen of Persia d:Q732413
044 05 February Thomas Bach, German fencer and president of the IOC d:Q72245
045 06 February Gender, range of characteristics distinguishing between masculinity and femininity d:Q48277
046 07 February Olympe de Gouges, French playwright and feminist political activist d:Q206972
047 08 February Turin, city in Italy d:Q495
048 09 February Bett, piece of furniture used as a place to sleep or relax d:Q42177
049 10 February Meningitis, inflammation of membranes around the brain and spinal cord d:Q48143
050 11 February Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv, national archives of Switzerland d:Q679141
051 12 February Madonna (Künstlerin), American pop singer and songwriter d:Q1744
052 13 February Schabo, village in Ukraine with Swiss heritage d:Q2120815
053 14 February Valentinstag, holiday to celebrate love and friendship d:Q37587
054 15 February Orange (Frucht), citrus fruit of the orange tree d:Q13191
055 16 February Baeckeoffe, traditional Alsatian dish d:Q799722
056 17 February Otto Stern (Physiker), German physicist d:Q57072
057 18 February Troja, ancient city and archaeological site in Turkey d:Q22647
058 19 February Marc Girardelli, Austrian alpine ski racer who competed for Luxembourg d:Q2031
059 20 February Golf von Guinea, gulf on the west coast of Africa d:Q41430
060 21 February BASF, German chemical company with worldwide reach d:Q9401
061 22 February Sophie Scholl, German opponent against the Nazi regime d:Q76972
062 23 February Eyes Wide Shut, American-British drama film d:Q209481
063 24 February Maria Sibylla Merian, German-Dutch scientific illustrator d:Q62530
064 25 February Biber, family of mammals d:Q261363
065 26 February Isle of Man, British crown dependency d:Q9676
066 27 February Smartphone, multi-purpose mobile device d:Q22645
067 28 February Marseillaise, national anthem of France d:Q41180
068 01 March Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, German army officer and aristocrat d:Q21209
069 02 March Biosphärenreservat Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen, biosphere reserve in Germany and France d:Q864757
070 03 March Buddha, being who attains enlightenment according to Buddhism d:Q7055
071 04 March Die Schweizerische Post, national postal service of Switzerland d:Q614803
072 05 March Benzin, petroleum-derived liquid used primarily as a fuel d:Q39558
073 06 March Schloss Neuschwanstein, romantic castle-like palace in Germany d:Q4152
074 07 March Seven (Sänger), Swiss soul singer d:Q122477
075 08 March Miriam Meckel, German communication scientist d:Q105111
076 09 March Augsburger Puppenkiste, puppet theater company in Germany d:Q760558
077 10 March Yann Sommer, Swiss association football player d:Q667596
078 11 March Machu Picchu, Inca citadel in Peru d:Q676203
079 12 March Homo faber (Roman), novel by Max Frisch d:Q667004
080 13 March Dezimalsystem, numeral system with ten as its base d:Q81365
081 14 March Ulmer Münster, Evangelical-Lutheran cathedral in Ulm, Germany d:Q44562
082 15 March Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg, airport serving Berlin, Germany d:Q160556
083 16 March Erwin Rommel, German field marshal of World War II d:Q14060
084 17 March Internationales Walsertreffen, reunion of Walser ethnic communities
085 18 March Katrin Bauerfeind, German actress, television and radio host d:Q1736694
086 19 March Hohkönigsburg, medieval castle in Alsace, France d:Q1552366
087 20 March Georg Elser, German opponent against the Nazi regime d:Q77269
088 21 March Die Weltwoche, Swiss weekly newspaper/magazine d:Q870443
089 22 March Elfriede Jelinek, Austrian writer, Nobel Prize laureate d:Q47243
090 23 March Daimler AG, German automotive manufacturer d:Q27530
091 24 March Mittelamerika, region in the centre of the Americas d:Q29876
092 25 March Königreich Burgund, medieval kingdom in France and Switzerland d:Q91329095
093 26 March Josef Mengele, German physician, Nazi war criminal d:Q57109
094 27 March Anne Frank, German-born diarist, died in the Holocaust d:Q4583
095 28 March Konfirmation, rite where baptism is confirmation in several Christian denominations d:Q188613
096 29 March Fußball-Europameisterschaft, European championship for national association football teams d:Q260858
097 30 March UFO, unusual apparent anomaly in the sky that is not readily identifiable d:Q421
098 31 March Geschichte Liechtensteins, history of the Principality of Liechtenstein d:Q943167
099 01 April Aprilscherz, annual celebration on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes d:Q80949
100 02 April Bulgarische Sprache, South Slavic language d:Q7918